Chapter 20: Honey Heaven

–Gunner– My love for honey continues on! Honey on everything! Yes! I’m having honey cake for breakfast! Yum! There’s nothing wrong with having honey cake for breakfast! I heard some people have cold pizza for breakfast! After school Mom and Dad were off to work and I decided to treat myself and Garrett to dinner at the Luxury Bite Restaurant in Oasis Springs. I read … Continue reading Chapter 20: Honey Heaven

Chapter 3: Dad’s Restaurant

–Gunner– IT’S SATURDAY!!!! YAY FOR SATURDAYS!!! WOOOHOOO!!!! YEAHHHH!!!! Sorry for shouting. I’m going through a phase where I LOVE to be LOUD!!! I asked Mom and Dad about that phase and they said that when teens are in the loud phase, they love to scream and shout from the top of their lungs and blast loud music. Believe or not, they actually been through that … Continue reading Chapter 3: Dad’s Restaurant