Chapter 18: Trey the Tech Guru

–Trey– What’s up, my people? My name is Trey and I’m the technician of the popular teenage web show, iEugenie! Outside of producing iEugenie, I love to play games, do programming, and develop mobile apps. I have the capability to fix broken electronics, so if you have a electronic device that’s not working or has a cracked screen, do let me know and I’ll be … Continue reading Chapter 18: Trey the Tech Guru

Chapter 15: Outdoor Loving Family

–Chandlor– Hey! My name is Chandlor! You already know me as Gunner’s best friend. Let me introduce you to my family! We’re an outdoorsy family and we love doing outdoor activities. My favorite outdoor activities are fishing, collecting treasures, playing sports, and taking walks. Meet my Pop! He’s a mad dance machine and he works as an office assistant at Dewey, Cheatem & Howe, Inc! … Continue reading Chapter 15: Outdoor Loving Family