Chapter 10: Reflections

–Gunner– It’s been 5 weeks since I’ve been in school and there have been some interesting events that have happened, my peers are awesome, and my teachers are great. I thought I would take the time to reflect on some of these events, some of my teachers, and some of my fellow classmates. First off, the special events. During the 4th week of school, we … Continue reading Chapter 10: Reflections

Chapter 8: A Swell Bro Time

–Gunner– School is full of amazing people. I got the opportunity to meet one of the popular teens at VLH High! Meet Joseph Junior. He’s smart, social and charming. He allowed us to call him Junior, but not J.J. because he hates being called that. His favorite colors are green and black, the same colors his dad likes. He helps me in Problem Solving class … Continue reading Chapter 8: A Swell Bro Time

Chapter 6: Meeting the iEugenie Trio

–Gunner– Last Friday’s web show was amazing! I loved seeing Eugenie and Avalon entertaining us! Guess what? I got a chance to meet the iEugenie trio and we even hung out after school! Here’s what happened that day. It all started during Health and Fitness class. While Ms. Banerjee was lecturing about different diets, I saw Eugenie! She’s in my class too?! After class, I … Continue reading Chapter 6: Meeting the iEugenie Trio

Chapter 4: Chandlor

–Gunner– TGIF! School’s done for the day! I’ve got Creative Arts and Problem Solving HW to do during the weekend. Today, Garrett and I will be heading over to the Jacobowitz Family’s house. “Gunner, I can’t wait to play with Robby!!”, Garrett said. “Garrett, I know you’re very excited for your playdate with Robby. I’m excited that I get to hang out with my bro, … Continue reading Chapter 4: Chandlor