Meet the iEugenie Trio

Eugenie Laurent: Host

Eugenie is the host of the show. Her father is a family doctor and her mother is an arts critic! Her favorite hobbies are painting, reading, writing, and talking walks. Her artworks have been winning blue ribbons in the annual school art shows. She’s one talented artist! She and Avalon came up with the idea of doing a web show during middle school in TV Production class.

Avalon Murray: Co-host

Avalon is the co-host of the show! She has a younger sister named Rosalie and a younger brother named Eric. Her father is an artist and her mother is a bartender at a famous nightclub. She makes friends easily due to her charming charisma and sweet personality. When she’s not co-hosting iEugenie, she would be babysitting her younger siblings.

Trey Cohen: Technician

Trey is the technician of the show! He has a brother named TJ and he is into sports. His father is a soccer player for the Brindleton Bay Bulls and his mother is a businesswoman. Trey is a computer and electronics expert and he’s willing to help anyone who has problems with their electronics! He’s also has the skills to fix broken phone and tablet screens.