New Toys for Garrett

Garrett’s grades have been up the roof! Lucille and Justin have decided to reward him by allowing him to buy two new toys. Since they have work, they asked Gunner to take him to the toy store. “I’m so excited to go to the toy store and get my two new toys! Ready to take me there?”, Garrett asked. “You betcha! Let’s go!”, Gunner said … Continue reading New Toys for Garrett

Dog Loving Family

It was a nice Saturday afternoon and here we find Garrett and his parents in Brindleton Bay. Gunner is at the Simself Family’s house, hanging out with the Simself Triplets. Garrett’s friends, the Lewis Brothers, Asher and Steve, have invited him over to their house for a playdate and to show him their cute puppies. Once the three were inside, they were warmly greeted by … Continue reading Dog Loving Family

Dr. Jacques Laurent: Family Doctor

It’s Saturday. The sun is rising and the birds are chirping. Dr. Jacques Laurent and his family had breakfast and he’s just about to leave for work. First, he gave his wife, Renée, a big kiss. “My precious Hershey kiss. I’m off to work. Make sure Eugenie gets her homework done,” he said. “I’ll make sure she does. Have a great day at work, my … Continue reading Dr. Jacques Laurent: Family Doctor

Garrett and Robby’s Playdate

It’s a nice Friday afternoon and Gunner and Garrett are done with school for the day. Here we find them at the Jacobowitz Family’s house. Garrett was looking forward to his playdate with his friend, Robby, and Gunner was excited that he’ll be hanging out with Chandlor. Once Gunner and Garrett were inside, Robby rushed towards them, telling Garrett it’s time for their playdate. “Okay, … Continue reading Garrett and Robby’s Playdate