Web Show #2: AHHH!! HOT!!

Eugenie: Hey, everybody! I’m Eugenie! Avalon: I’m Avalon! Eugenie: And you’re tuning in to iEugenie! Avalon: We have something excited for tonight! Eugenie: Hope you’re ready! Avalon: You better be! Eugenie: For today’s iEugenie, we’re going to be doing a segment called: AHHH!! HOT!! Avalon: You’re probably guessing: it has to do with spicy food. Eugenie: If you said that, you’re right! Avalon and I will be … Continue reading Web Show #2: AHHH!! HOT!!

Web Show #1: First Web Show

Eugenie: Hello, world! Welcome to the premiere of our web show, iEugenie! I’m your host, Eugenie! To my right is one of my best friends and co-host, Avalon! Avalon: Hello, everyone! Hope you’re excited as we are!! Eugenie: To my left is also one of my best friends and the technician of the show! Give it up for Trey! Trey: Yo! What’s up! Eugenie: Since … Continue reading Web Show #1: First Web Show