Chapter 20: Honey Heaven

–Gunner– My love for honey continues on! Honey on everything! Yes! I’m having honey cake for breakfast! Yum! There’s nothing wrong with having honey cake for breakfast! I heard some people have cold pizza for breakfast! After school Mom and Dad were off to work and I decided to treat myself and Garrett to dinner at the Luxury Bite Restaurant in Oasis Springs. I read … Continue reading Chapter 20: Honey Heaven

Chapter 19: Crazy for Honey

–Gunner– I’m in a sweet mood today!! You want to know why?? I’ll tell you. While Mom and I were watching a cooking show, a commercial came on. I wonder what commercial that would be? “Do you love sweet stuff? Do you want to sweeten up your desserts? Then look no further than SimBee’s All Natural Honey! Fresh from the bee farms! No sweeteners and … Continue reading Chapter 19: Crazy for Honey

Chapter 18: Trey the Tech Guru

–Trey– What’s up, my people? My name is Trey and I’m the technician of the popular teenage web show, iEugenie! Outside of producing iEugenie, I love to play games, do programming, and develop mobile apps. I have the capability to fix broken electronics, so if you have a electronic device that’s not working or has a cracked screen, do let me know and I’ll be … Continue reading Chapter 18: Trey the Tech Guru

Chapter 17: Camping Trip Pt. 2

–Chandlor– It’s another day of camping! Oh boy, I can’t wait to see how it goes! I started the day off catching those ladybugs! They look so cool! If you think I successfully got the bugs without getting stung, you’re absolutely right! I can’t wait to take them home, put them in a tank, and display them! Later, the fam and I visited the famous … Continue reading Chapter 17: Camping Trip Pt. 2

Chapter 15: Outdoor Loving Family

–Chandlor– Hey! My name is Chandlor! You already know me as Gunner’s best friend. Let me introduce you to my family! We’re an outdoorsy family and we love doing outdoor activities. My favorite outdoor activities are fishing, collecting treasures, playing sports, and taking walks. Meet my Pop! He’s a mad dance machine and he works as an office assistant at Dewey, Cheatem & Howe, Inc! … Continue reading Chapter 15: Outdoor Loving Family

Chapter 14: Man’s Best Friend

–Gunner– I can’t express how thrilled I am! We finally have a dog in the family! It all happened today with Mom telling me and Garrett some great news. “Boys, remember you said that you wanted a pet?”, she asked. “Yeah. What about it?”, I asked. “We’re finally adopting one! You boys demonstrated that you’re capable of taking care of a pet! Plus, this is … Continue reading Chapter 14: Man’s Best Friend

Chapter 13: One Crazy Family

–Josh– My name is Josh Connors and welcome to my crazy life. A little bit about myself. I love sports, pulling pranks, fishing, telling jokes, and of course, playing video games. Even though I’m a prankster, I’m nice to people. Now, to introduce my crazy family. This is my mother. She’s very strict and worries about us 24/7. Except Nick, she trusts us to be … Continue reading Chapter 13: One Crazy Family

Chapter 12: You’re the One!

–Avalon– Yikes! It’s Devon Crandall, the school bully at VLH High! “Well, hello, iEugenie. We finally meet. You know about these rumors about you three doing horrific things?” “Yeah, we knew about them. Why do you ask?” “Well, I was the ONE who spread those nasty rumors! HA!” “I knew you were the one behind all this! Why? WHY?!”, Eugenie said. “To be honest, I love … Continue reading Chapter 12: You’re the One!

Chapter 11: True Family Support

–Avalon– Greetings, all. It’s me, Avalon, the co-host of iEugenie. It’s been a few days since these rumors have spread and I tell you, we’re in deep trouble. Luckily, we aren’t expelled from school, but a lot of people have been giving us cold stares and hurling insults as we walked by. Here I am chatting with my little brother, Eric, about my issue. He’s … Continue reading Chapter 11: True Family Support