Chapter 20: Honey Heaven


My love for honey continues on! Honey on everything!

Yes! I’m having honey cake for breakfast! Yum!

There’s nothing wrong with having honey cake for breakfast! I heard some people have cold pizza for breakfast!

After school

Mom and Dad were off to work and I decided to treat myself and Garrett to dinner at the Luxury Bite Restaurant in Oasis Springs. I read great reviews on it, so I’m ready for a good dining experience!

“Hmmmm, what should I eat?”, Garrett said as he scanned the menu.

After we placed our orders, Garrett told me about this cool science experiment he did in school.

He and his classmates made rock candy! Not only they got a tasty treat, but they also learned about the crystallization of sugar. I remember doing that experiment in elementary school. In fact, that’s my favorite science experiment!

I’m so hungry that I am so impatient. When is the food coming? I’m so ready to put honey on my food!

“I can’t wait to put honey on my meal!”, I said.

“If you love honey so much, why don’t you marry it?”, Garrett teased.

I can’t believe Garrett teased me like that!

“Garrett! That was unnecessary!”, I said.

“You know I’m joking! Can’t you take a joke?”, Garrett said.

About 15 minutes later, our food came! We both are drinking Sparkling Apple Juice. Garrett ordered a slice of Spinach and Mushroom Quiche while I ordered a slice of Spinach Frittata.

Ah, the refreshing taste of sparkling apple juice!

I added a few drops of honey into the juice and the taste was better.

Time for the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

“Okay, lil bro! I shall add some honey to my slice of Spinach Frittata!”, I said.

“Honey?? On your Spinach Frittata?? Gross!!”, Garrett said in disgust.

Gross? What’s gross about putting honey on a savory pie?

After our main courses, we ordered some dessert. I’m having Baked Alaska while Garrett is having a slice of strawberry cake.

“Yay!! I can’t wait to dig in!”, Garrett said as he looked at his cake.

“I am excited to eat this Baked Alaska with a splash of honey!”, I said.

No words to describe how extra sweet this Baked Alaska is with honey!

The Next Day

The next day, I decided to surprise two of my friends with a jar of SimBee’s All Natural Honey! I hope they will love it!

The first friend I surprised is Devin. Why him? For starters, we’re redheads, we have similar dressing styles, and we’re neighbors!

“I have a surprise gift for you, dude! This is my way of saying thanks for being a good friend!”, I said as I presented him the gift box.

“A gift? For me? Man, you shouldn’t have!”, Devin said.

Feeling so curious, he opened the box right away.

“I see you got me a jar of SimBee’s All Natural Honey,” he said.

“Yup! I gotta tell you, this honey is out of this world!”, I said.

“I look forward to tasting this honey! Thank you for the gift, man! I appreciate it!”

“No prob!”

Moments later, we looked out the window and we saw snow! We quickly changed into our cold weather clothes and went outside.

“Finally! Snow! Isn’t this great?”, I said.

“Yeah! Growing up from the north, I love seeing snow!”, he said.

We sat down at the outside table to continue our conversation.

“Recently, I started to put honey on everything. Best decision I’ve ever made!”

“What? Honey? On everything? Is it really that good?”

“Yeah! For example, I went out to dinner with Garrett and I poured honey in my Sparkling Apple Cider, Spinach Fritatta, and Baked Alaska! They tasted SO good with the honey!”

“Man, your sweet tooth has gotten stronger, hasn’t it?”

“LOL! You can say that again!”

Next, I paid my man Chandlor a visit as he’s the other friend I’m gifting a jar of honey to.

“My man Chandlor! Here’s something for you!”, I said as I present him the gift box.

“Bro. Dude, I cannot express how much this means to me!”, he said.

Chandlor was very curious to know what’s inside the gift box.

“Oh boy! I can’t wait to see what you got me!”

He opened up the box and saw that jar of honey!

“That’s a jar of SimBee’s All Natural Honey. You probably heard everyone talk about it at school! I hope you will like it!”, I said.

“Well, I’d enjoy any gift from my best bros! I’ve been waiting to get my hands on a jar of that honey! You’re the best! Thanks a bunch bro!”, he said.

Chandlor’s father overheard us and decided to chime in.

“You know when I was a kid, my parents worked as beekeepers at a local bee farm and at end of their work week, they would bring home jars of that fresh sweet honey.”

“That’s cool! Do you have any plans to get a bee farm and make your own honey?”, I asked.

“Now that you mentioned it, we do! We just have to arrange some things around the house to make room for one!”

I do have another surprise in store for Chandlor, so I went upstairs to his room, where he’s admiring his insect collection.

“Say. Speaking of gifts, you get a bonus gift from me!”, I said as I present him another giftbox

“Wow! It’s not even my birthday or a holiday and I get two gifts from you?”, he said with astonishment.

Chandlor felt so excited about this gift, he opened the box right away and out came some foam noodles!

Chandlor’s reaction was so priceless!

“What on earth was that?!”

I laughed out loud after seeing his reaction!

“OMG dude! You should’ve seen that look on your face!”

“I have to admit, I enjoyed that funny gift! You are one funny dude!”

I can definitely trust Chandlor to get my jokes and humor!

Still feeling so playful, I have that tendency to be mischievous. For that, I decided to slap Chandlor silly! He’s so unaware that I’m about to do that to him!

“Ow! Ow! Ow! What are you doing?”, he said.

“Just being playful, my bro!”

Nothing can get in the way of us! I’m super grateful that Chandlor and I are best friends!

Aside from that, I’m pleased that both Devin and Chandlor enjoyed my gifts to them! I hope they will enjoy their jars of honey!

Author’s Note

Gunnar’s love for honey was inspired from the Victorious special, Tori Goes Platinum. In this special, Cat Valentine had some bibble, a fictional British snack which is basically popcorn and food coloring. After trying some, she became obsessed with it and developed an addiction for it. As her addiction grew, her parents had to hire a bibble guard to make sure she didn’t eat more.

I’ll note that Gunnar’s love for honey won’t be as extreme as Cat’s bibble addiction.

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