Chapter 19: Crazy for Honey


I’m in a sweet mood today!! You want to know why?? I’ll tell you.

While Mom and I were watching a cooking show, a commercial came on. I wonder what commercial that would be?

“Do you love sweet stuff? Do you want to sweeten up your desserts? Then look no further than SimBee’s All Natural Honey! Fresh from the bee farms! No sweeteners and low calories!”

A new honey product? I want to try some of that!

“You can find SimBee’s All Natural Honey at your local grocery stores! You can also order your jars of honey online from our website. SimBee’s All Natural Honey – Keep Calm and Eat Sweet Honey!”

I have to get my hands on a jar of SimBee’s All Natural Honey! I know of a place that sells that honey! Nature’s Honey Shop in Sulani!

“Mom, is it okay if I head to Nature’s Honey Shop? I want to get some of that honey,” I asked.

“Sure! Besides, I’m almost out of honey and I need it to make some honey cake. Be sure to be back before dinner,” Mom said and I headed out to Nature’s Honey Shop.

At Sulani

Finally! Here I am at the Nature’s Honey Shop in Sulani! Time to get some of that delicious honey!!

Sweet! This place does have jars of Simbee’s All Natural Honey! I’ll get four jars, so that each of us will have a taste of this delicious honey.

Cool! This shop also sells honey cakes and bread! I’ll get a honey cake as well.

I got all the things I need, but I decided to browse around a bit more. While doing so, I ran into my friend, Johnny Jordan. He’s quite popular at VLH High and a lot of girls tend to fall in love with him.

“Hey Gunner!”, Johnny said.

“Hey dude! What’s up?”, I said and gave him props.

“I just scored a date with this cute girl. I learned that she’s a honey lover, so I decided to surprise her with a jar of SimBee’s All Natural Honey!”

“I’m sure she’ll love it! I heard a lot of good things about it! Good luck on your date!”


After getting the jars of honey and honey cake, I went back home. As I arrived home, Obi was standing at the door.

“Hey Obi!”, I said and petted him.

As I went to put the jars of honey and honey cake into the refrigerator, I saw Mom cooking something delicious!

“Oh honey, you’re home! I saw that you got the jars of honey, as well as a honey cake,” she said.

“Yup! By the way, what’s for dinner?”, I said.

“We’re having Mud Carp, one of your favorite seafood dishes.”

Once Mom finished cooking, all of us sat down and ate. As usual, Garrett and I told our parents about our school days.

Garrett and I went straight to doing our homework after our delicious dinner. I had a lot to do, so I better get started.

Moments later

Now homework is out of the way, it’s time for the family to enjoy SimBee’s All Natural Honey!

“Ready to try some of SimBee’s All Natural Honey?”, I asked Garrett.

“Yeah I’m ready!”, he said.

I went to the fridge and grabbed all four jars of honey and gave a jar to everyone.

As Garrett and I ate our honey, I heard Mom and Dad saying that they loved the honey. I’m joyed they did!

“Yummy! This is so tasty!”, Garrett said.

“I have to agree, lil bro! This is the best honey I’ve ever tasted!”, I said.

You know what? This honey tastes SO good, I should put it on everything I eat! You heard me right. From now on, everything I eat will have honey on it!

The Next Day

It was cold today, so I wore my warm clothes.

I arrived at school and I saw Eunice Jessica. Jessica is Eunice’s identical twin sister and boy, I can’t tell them apart since they have the same hairstyle, wear the same outfit and makeup, and act the same.

Anyway, Jessica knew who I was because I knew Eunice. I asked her she or Eunice had some of SimBee’s All Natural Honey. She said they haven’t had a chance to get some.

As Jessica and I were talking more about the honey, Joseph Jr. and Jubilee came by to talk with us. I’m assuming they had SimBee’s All Natural Honey too.

“Yo, what up, Jessica and Gunner?”, Junior said.

“Hey hey, Gunner and Jessica! Heard you two are on about this new honey. Let us join you in this sweet conversation!”, Jubilee said.

Joseph Junior and Jubilee said that they brought some jars of the honey and Jessica and I asked if they used any of it yet.

“Last night, our family used some of the honey to make honey glazed chicken wings,” Junior said.

“That sounds yummy! I wish I was there to have some,” I said.

“Yum!”, Jessica said.

“Yup! They were awesome! The honey added a sweet touch to them!”, Jubilee said.

All this honey talk is making me want to cook up recipes that contain honey.

The bell rang! Time for Personal Development class!

Mrs. Huang sure is in a bright mood. I wonder if it has to do with the excitement about SimBee’s All Natural Honey?

“All right everyone! For today’s class, we’re going to be learn about honey! In addition, I’ll be teaching you all how to make Honey Lemon Cake!”

Today’s lesson on honey was fun and I enjoyed learning the recipe for Honey Lemon Cake!

Lunch time came and today’s special was tuna casserole. I love tuna casserole, but today, it looks boring to me.

Dang it. I should’ve brought a jar of SimBee’s All Natural Honey and put some of it on the casserole! That would make it extra sweet!

I need more honey! I need MORE honey!

After school, I went straight back to Nature’s Honey Shop to buy more honey.

Oh, Kelly Stratford is here?

I asked her what she’s doing here and she said that she’s also buying some honey to make honey lemon tea.

Hope is here too? Nice!

“Well, hi there Hope! What brings you here?”, I asked.

“I’m getting some honey cake and bread for the family,” she said.

“That’s nice! I’m getting some more honey for my family!”

“Joseph Junior and Jubilee told me that you LOVED SimBee’s All Natural Honey. Yes, honey has a lot of health benefits, but you should not eat too much of it in one sitting. Eat it in moderation.”

I know what I’m doing. It’s not like I’m eating 10 jars a day!

After I got the honey, I went home to put away the jars of honey. Mom and Dad have left for work and Garrett is playing with this toys. Once all the honey is put away, I prepared some garlic noodles for the family.

Time to eat! I grabbed a jar of honey and poured a few spoonfuls of it onto my serving of the noodles.

Yum! This tastes better with honey on it! Honey garlic noodles anyone?

A few minutes later, I heard a knock at the door. Garrett opened it and I saw Kelly Huang. I grabbed my plate of noodles and sat down in the living room to converse with him.

“Hey! How’s it going? I came by to hang out with you. Oh, what’s that you’re eating? It looks tasty!” Kelly said.

“Garlic noodles. I added honey to it,” I said as I ate my sweet tasty noodles.

“Honey? On Garlic noodles? Cool! Speaking of honey garlic, I remember one night, my mom made honey garlic meatballs for dinner.”


“Yeah it was delightful! Mom is a great chef, you know!”

I do hope no one will call me weird if I tried to add honey to mash potatoes or a slice of pizza. Basically, any food that one doesn’t normally add honey to.

As I was washing the dirty dishes, another knock came at the door. I opened it and Chandlor came in! Nice!

I see he made himself a glass of non-alcoholic Old Yorkfield Classic 16! Bravo!!

“I wanted to try a glass of Old Yorkfield Classic 16, but I’m not old enough to have any alcohol and cocktails. So, Mom taught me how to make a non-alcoholic version of the drink!”, Chandlor said.

“Well, I’m glad to hear that. Remember, we have to be at least 21 years old to consume alcohol,” I said.

Feeling great, I spent the rest of the night playing video games with Chandlor. Kelly’s on the computer playing Sims Forever. What a great way to spend the night!

Man, I’m in honey heaven right now! I love SimBee’s All Natural Honey ALOT!

Author’s Notes

In reality, teens are not allowed to have any alcohol. However, in the Sims 4, Sims who are teen and above can consume those cocktail and alcoholic drinks. Honestly, that doesn’t make sense. If I see a teen consume any alcohol in the game, I assume that it’s a mocktail.

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