Chapter 18: Trey the Tech Guru


What’s up, my people? My name is Trey and I’m the technician of the popular teenage web show, iEugenie! Outside of producing iEugenie, I love to play games, do programming, and develop mobile apps. I have the capability to fix broken electronics, so if you have a electronic device that’s not working or has a cracked screen, do let me know and I’ll be more than happy to fix it for you! My future plans after high school are to study video game development in college and get a job at a video game company.

Let me introduce you to my awesome family! You’re going to love hearing about them for sure!

This is my father! He’s an all-star soccer player for the Brindleton Bay Bulls and he’s a gym fanatic. Dad and I love being outdoors and whenever he’s not training for a soccer match, he would take me out fishing at the best fishing spots in all of Sim Nation. As an outdoor enthusiast, fishing is my all-time favorite outdoor activity.

This is my sweet Mom. She and I are the super geniuses in the household. So whenever conflicts arise, she and I are the ones to come to for help! #SuperGeniusesFTW

She works as a businesswoman at the Doo Peas Corporate Tower and she’s dedicated to her work. Every night she comes home with huge stacks of reports and she would take her time to finish them. With that kind of work ethic, she gets promoted easily.

Finally, this is my brother TJ. Like my dad, he’s a gym fanatic and he LOVES to work out! You can definitely tell he and Dad have a lot in common! His favorite sports are football, basketball, and swimming. He likes watching all his favorite sports on TV. He works at the Lynx Chronicles, which is our school newspaper. He’s part of the crew that’s in charge of the sports session.

If you’re wondering if we’ve been into any sports events, yes we have. Whenever Dad’s team is playing, we’d be there at the soccer stadium to give him and his team support!

Now that introductions are out of the way, let me tell you about what I did today.

I have some minutes to spare before school started, so I took that time to do a little bit of programming and check the plans for this week’s iEugenie webshow.

8 AM came and I heard Dad calling me and TJ because it was time for us to go to school. So, off we go to school. Hope it’s going to be a good day!

After school

“That was a great day at school. Wasn’t it, TJ?”, I said.

“It sure was, bro!”, TJ said.

“Today, I got to learn how to create computer games in programming class!”

“Cool, dude!”

“I know right?”

“Did you hear the news about Akane and Keiko’s sister, Chinatsu?”

“No I haven’t. What about her?”

“According to Akane and Keiko, she is planning to open a restaurant either in either Sulani, Oasis Springs, or Willow Creek. It will serve Asian food.”

“Asian food? I love Asian food!”

“Same here!”

I can definitely count on TJ to provide me with the latest scoops on some of the students at our school. Sometimes while he is working at the school newspaper, he would hear about from what’s happening with the students at our school.

That’s exciting to hear that the Tanaka Sisters will be opening a restaurant soon. I know Gunner’s family own a restaurant. Our family has yet to go there.

“I ran into our friend Chandlor at school and he said he spent the last weekend camping at Granite Falls with his family,” TJ said.

“That’s cool! Did he manage to get any insects?”, I asked.

“Yup! He got butterflies, dragonflies, and ladybugs. He was going to get bees, but unfortunately, he got stung by them.”


“He and family did some fishing while there and his little brother, Robby, caught a Gummie Guppie!”


“I was surprised that there’s such a fish that exists! Hey, one day, we should go fishing and find that fish!”

“That sounds like a great idea!”

At around 5 PM, our parents arrived home from their workplaces. Both my parents went to take their showers, especially Dad since he worked up a sweat at his practice session.

After Dad finished his shower, he came to the living room and greeted us.

“What’s up boys? How was school?”, he said.

“Heya Dad! School was great! I learned how to create computer games in programming class!”, I said.

“Mine was great! “, TJ said.

“Nice to hear that my boys had good school days!”, Dad said.

“TJ and I are planning to head to my favorite gym to workout. What do you say you join the both of us?”, Dad asked.

“Uh, I’m not sure if I want to,” I said.

To be honest, I treat working out only as a way to stay healthy and keep my immune system running, not as a way to have fun. Dad and TJ treat it both as fun and a way to stay healthy. As I said before, they LOVE working out. To me, it’s meh.

“Come on dude. Every time Dad and I ask you to come with us to work out at the gym, you say no! Please join us this time! It’ll be fun!”, TJ said.

“Your brother is right! Plus, this can give another opportunity for you two to bond!”, Dad said.

You know what? Dad has a point! I’ll definitely go work out at the gym with Dad and TJ!

“Okay, I’ll join you two!”, I said.

“Awesome! Come on boys! Let’s go!”, Dad said and off we to Dad’s favorite gym we go!

The gym we’re going to is located in Willow Creek and it took us about 10 minutes to get there.

Here we are at Dad’s favorite gym! So far, I’m impressed by the looks of it, especially those colorful fountains!

“All right! Time to work out!”, TJ said.

TJ is definitely pumped and ready for a workout.

Yup, Dad’s also really excited to be here, ready to work out.

TJ went inside the gym to work out.

“Trey, do you know why this gym is so special to me?”, Dad asked.

“Why is it special?”, I asked.

“This is the Vital Climb Gym! I was a teen, like you and TJ, when I started working out here. Aside from punching bags, weight machines, and treadmills, there are rock climbing walls! Your grandpa loved rock climbing during his younger years.”

“Ah, now I see where the gym gets its name! It’s called the Vital Climb Gym because it’s well known for their rock climbing machines!”


“Why do you and TJ love to work out?”

“Working out has lots of benefits and it’s fun! This isn’t just about getting into shape!”


“Yeah! When you work out, your stress levels go down, you become happier, and makes you smarter!”

Wow! Never knew it can help reduce my stress levels! Now I feel motivated to do some workouts with my Dad and TJ!

Looking eager to get inside the gym to work out, Dad asked me,”What do you say you and I do some rock climbing on those rock climbing machines?”

“Sure! Let’s go!”, I said.

Dad and I went inside the gym and there was TJ, punching the punching bag.

Once Dad and I were in our gym clothes, we went to a rock climbing machine and started to do some rock climbing. We both used the gentle incline setting.

This does look like fun! I guess I’ve focused mostly on jogging and walks and haven’t had a chance to explore the different ways! I’ll tell you that lifting weights aren’t my thing though.

Uh oh, I started to lose my balance!

“Don’t worry son! Remember to regain your balance or else you will fall down!”, Dad said as he struggled to regain his balance.

“Got it Dad!”, I said as I continued to climb on the wall.

Meanwhile, TJ saw our friend Gunner and gave him a high five!

Minutes later, Dad and I finished our first round of rock climbing.

“Ready for another round, Dad?”, I asked.

“Sure, but first, we need to take a 10 minute break. Let our bodies rest. You wouldn’t want to end up with a sore back.”, Dad said.

“Right! Let’s take a break and then we’ll do another round!”

After working out at the gym

Dad, TJ, and I are back from the gym! I was the first to walk into the house and I was greeted by Mom. She walked towards me and gave me a big hug.

“So sweetie, how was your time at the gym with your father and TJ?”, she asked.

I feel so energized and confident after that workout. “It was awesome! Dad and I did some rock climbing on the rock climbing machines!”

“I’m happy that you had a great time!”

“Dad told me there are a lot of benefits to working out besides helping me get into shape like boosting confidence and reducing stress. After learning those other benefits, I learned to appreciate working out more!”

“I’m so proud of you, honey! You know your father and brother enjoy working out a lot and I’m glad you’ve learn to appreciate it!”

Meanwhile, Dad is outside preparing some grilled fruit for dinner. All right!

I always look forward to Dad’s grilled fruit! Why? It’s because he always picks the best fruits to grill and grills them to perfection!

After he finished cooking the grilled fruit, he called us over and we sat down and started to eat. Good timing because I’m starving!

Delicious as always! Dad’s grilled fruit is always the best!

“You did a great job with the grilled fruit as always!”, I told Dad.

“Why thank you Trey! I appreciate the kind words!”, Dad said.

“No problem! Also, thank you for taking me and TJ to the gym! I had a lot of fun working out!”

“No problem, buddy! I’m pleased that you had fun at the gym with us!”

“TJ, your brother is glad to have joined you and your father to the gym!”, Mom said.

“I know right? I’m so proud of him that he learned to have fun working out!”, TJ said.

“So, what have your friends been up to?”, Dad asked.

“You know Chandlor?”, I asked.

“The guy who likes outdoors, wears a long sleeve thumb hole shirt, and one of Gunner’s best friends?”

“Yeah! Last weekend, he and his family went camping at Granite Falls. His younger brother caught a rare Gummie Guppie!”

“No way! A Gummie Guppie? I’ve heard that besides Granite Falls, one can catch one at Magnolia Promenade, the area surrounding 4-Island Park, and Sylvan Glade! One day, I’ll take you boys to one of these places and we can fish and try to catch a Gummie Guppie.”

“Sounds like a plan!”

A few minutes after dinner, I saw Mom and Dad kissing and making out. Awwwwww, that’s cute! By the way, my dad is a romantic and he usually gives me and TJ useful dating advice. In addition to great looks, he has high charisma skills. That’s how he got Mom to be his lover forever!

Today was a great! I had a great day in school and I learned to appreciate the benefits of working out! I’m fortunate to have such a wonderful and loving family!

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 18: Trey the Tech Guru

  1. Trey is such a nice guy! He doesn’t even get grossed out when his parents make out in front of him! (I wish my kids were so nice about that! 😉 )

    Glad he decided working out was beneficial! Looked like he had fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s probably learned to not get disgusted when seeing couples make out after watching movies with kissing scenes in them.

      And yeah, I’m glad he learned the benefits of working out and to have fun while doing so.

      Liked by 1 person

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