Chapter 17: Camping Trip Pt. 2


It’s another day of camping! Oh boy, I can’t wait to see how it goes!

I started the day off catching those ladybugs! They look so cool!

If you think I successfully got the bugs without getting stung, you’re absolutely right! I can’t wait to take them home, put them in a tank, and display them!

Later, the fam and I visited the famous Granite Falls Forest. Look over there! There’s a picnic area, a place to play horseshoes, and a campfire area with log chairs!

We saw a fishing spot and decided to go fishing there. Hope one of us can catch a Red Crawdad or even better, a Mountain Lionfish.

Minutes later, Mom got something on her fishing rod.

“Awesome! I got myself a salmon! Tonight, we’re going to have some delicious salmon!”, Mom said.

“That’s a big one!”, I said.

“I know right? Guess there will be leftovers!”

Moments after Mom caught her salmon, I got a salmon on my fishing line!

“WHOA! I got a salmon too! That means we’re going to have a huge salmon feast tonight!”, I said.

“You got that right!”, Mom said.

In my family,

OMG, is that what I think it is?? Robby just caught a Gummie Guppie, one of the rare fishes out there!

You go, Robby! I’m surprised you caught that very special fish! Mom, Dad, and I are so proud of you!

Dragonflies! When I was child, I used to be sooooo scared of them because every time I see one and they fly close to me, I would scream, fearing that they would bite or sting me. Pop told me they don’t sting and will not bite unless they’re handled roughly.

I managed to catch these dragonflies without running off screaming.

I wondered around a little bit more and came across this shrub hole. I wonder where it leads to. Only one way to find out.

Wow, so this leads me to this beautiful area? Wow, it looks amazing! According to my Granite Falls guidebook, this is where the hermit lives. Legend has it that the hermit has a secret recipe for the Fungal Infusion Fertilizer Remedy.

What did I think of the journey to the Hermit’s House? To be honest, it was alright, although it took me 3 attempts to get there. During one of the attempts, I encountered a woodland monster, which was very scary, so I had to run off. As I ran away from the monster, I came across two paths: one with a spider web and the other had nothing on it. I took the one without the spider web, only to find out it was covered with overripe fireleaf! OUCH!

In my last attempt, I went through the spider web and I saw a ray of light, which meant I made it to the Hermit’s house. Who knew going through that web was the right move to make?

I looked around and saw a fishing spot. I read in the guidebook that the rare Moutain Lionfish can be caught here! I hope I can get one!

First catch I got was this Walleye! Not bad. Let’s see what I can catch next.

A Yellow Perch? Cool. These yellow perches, along with the walleyes, are very common here in Granite Falls.

Too bad I didn’t get a Mountain Lionfish. Oh well, there’s always next time!

I was looking forward to meeting the hermit after I fished, but it was getting a bit late and Pop texted me, saying that we’re leaving to go home.

Once we arrived at home, I went to display all the insects I collected during the camping trip. Oh, if you’re curious to know about the butterflies, I caught them yesterday at our campsite.

These are such beautiful insects.

I had a lot of fun during our 2-day camping trip. I can’t wait to go on another one and this time, I’ll bring a friend along!

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