Chapter 16: Camping Trip Pt. 1


It’s the weekend and my parents have arranged for all of us to take a nice mini vacation in Granite Falls!

We got to Granite Falls at around 11 PM last night, unpacked our stuff, took our showers, brushed our teeth, and then headed to bed.

We then woke up at 6:30 AM to go fishing. Pop told me that the best time to fish is during the early morning hours.

I see that Robby managed to get a fish! Lucky you!

It took a while for me to get one, but I managed to catch a nice one as the sun was rising!

After I fished, I went around the area surrounding our cabin to see if I can catch any frogs and harvest some plants.

I found this nice flower during my search. I took out my handy dandy herbalism guide and read that this flower is a chamomile.

Hours later, it was close to lunch time, so we prepared a campfire to grill up some hot dogs! Yum yum! We love campfire cooking a lot!

After lunch, we decided to play some horseshoes! Mom went first.

Next was Pop!

Gee, so many flies! I wish they can stop bothering me!

Now, it’s Robby’s turn!

Oh he’s laughing! Is it because he’s happy he got his horseshoe close to the stake or he’s embarrassed that it landed far away from the stake. Who knows?

Finally! It’s my turn!

Oh no! My horseshoe didn’t land close to the stake! How disappointing…

Oh well. There’s always next time!

Later, I walked around and came across some bees! They look nice! I want to catch some!

OUCH! I got stung by them as I attempted to catch them! Better go get the stings treated!

Next time I want to catch bees, I better use a net to catch them instead of my bare hands.

After my bee stings were treated, I went back outside to do more exploring. I came across this cool rock with shiny stones on it. I decided to dig it up and see what I got.

Hours later

Man, a day of exploring the campsite area made us hungry, so Mom made us delicious fish tacos for dinner! Delicious! Gotta love her food!

After dinner, we went back outside, lit the campfire and warmed ourselves with it.

“Anybody got a cool campfire story? I’m a mood for one!”, Mom said.

“Me too!”, Pop said.

“Me three!”, Robby said.

“I got one!”, I said.

“That’s nice of you to volunteer, Chandlor! Go ahead and tell your story!”, Pop said.

Telling campfire stories is one of my favorite camping activities! Throughout my years of camping with my fam and friends, I’ve told some really good stories! Tonight’s story should be epic!

“Okay everyone! I hope you all are ready! Tonight, I’ll be telling you the story of The Purple Gorilla!”, I said.

“The story of The Purple Gorilla? That sounds cool! We are excited to hear about this one!”, Pop said.

A few minutes into the story, Mom and Pop were impressed, but Robby was a bit lost. Maybe there are some things in the story that didn’t make sense to him. At least he’s enjoying it. That’s what’s important.

At the end of the story

“And that’s the story of The Purple Gorilla! Hope you all enjoyed!”, I said.

“Great story, big bro!”, Robby said.

“It was worried about the kid throughout the whole story, but at the end? Wow! I was surprised that the gorilla actually wanted to play with the kid and not harm him!”, Mom said.

“That was a great story, son!”, Pop said.

We decided to tell more stories until it was time for us to get ready for bed. The first day of our camping trip went great! I look forward to what tomorrow will bring!

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