New Toys for Garrett

Garrett’s grades have been up the roof! Lucille and Justin have decided to reward him by allowing him to buy two new toys. Since they have work, they asked Gunner to take him to the toy store.

“I’m so excited to go to the toy store and get my two new toys! Ready to take me there?”, Garrett asked.

“You betcha! Let’s go!”, Gunner said and the two boys headed off to the toy store.

The boys arrived at Toy Jungle, one of Sim Nation’s popular toy stores!

“Okay, little bro. Are you ready to get your new toys?”, Gunner asked.

“Yeah, big bro! I can’t wait to get them! I want two stuffed animals!”, Garrett said.

“You got it! Come on! Let’s go inside and see what they have!”, Gunner said and the boys went inside the toy store.

The reason Garrett wanted to get two new stuffed animals is because his stuffed dragon, Drago, was getting lonely. One day, Garrett went up to his room to check up on Drago, only to find that he was sad.

“Drago, are you okay? Why are you sad?”, Garrett asked.

It’s because I’m getting lonely without you,” Drago said.

“Cheer up! I’ve been busy hanging out with my friends and family. I can’t just hang out with you all the time!”

Inside the toy store, the boys looked around to see which toys would be perfect for Garrett. They first looked at the teddy bears.

“How about Blarffy the teddy bear? He’s very popular among children,” Gunner suggested.

“My friend, Robby, has a teddy bear. I can always go to his house and play with it. So, no thanks,” Garrett said.

“Oh well, suit yourself.”

Next up were the dinosaur toys and stuffed dinosaurs.

“How about Dino, the stuffed dinosaur? I know you like dinosaurs!”, Gunner said.

“I remember hearing Drago say that he wanted a dinosaur friend! So, yes, let’s get one!”, Garrett said.

“Do you want Dino in blue, orange, or green?”

“Blue, please!”

“This is Bun Bun, the stuffed rabbit. You can get him in pink, polka-dotted, yellow, purple, and orange,” Gunner said.

After looking around the store, Garrett finally decided what two stuffed animals he wanted.

“Okay, big bro! I want a blue Dino and an orange Ruffy Schnugglekins!”, he said.

“You got it! Anything for my little bro!”, Gunner said.

After coming back from the toy store, Gunner set down the toys.

“I’ll take them up to your room,” he said and helped Garrett bring the stuffed toys to his room.

Minutes later

“There. Your new friends are all set up! Have fun!”, Gunner said.

Gunner left to take care of Obi and Garrett went ahead and played with his stuffed friends.

After minutes of playtime with them, the stuffed animals showed their happy eyes.

“That’s what I like to see! Happy eyes on my stuffed animals!”, Garrett said.

4 thoughts on “New Toys for Garrett

    1. Oh no, I didn’t make it. Simproved made it. Gunner’s family’s restaurant was the only build I made.

      I’m glad that Garrett has two more stuffed animal friends too. 🙂


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