Chapter 15: Outdoor Loving Family


Hey! My name is Chandlor! You already know me as Gunner’s best friend.

Let me introduce you to my family! We’re an outdoorsy family and we love doing outdoor activities. My favorite outdoor activities are fishing, collecting treasures, playing sports, and taking walks.

Meet my Pop! He’s a mad dance machine and he works as an office assistant at Dewey, Cheatem & Howe, Inc! LOL!! What a funny name. It sounded like “Do we cheat ’em? And how!”

Like me, he’s into fishing.

My mother, like Gunner’s mom, is a chef and she makes a mad chocolate cake! During the summer, she works as a guidance counselor at Camp Greenwood, which is a summer camp for children.

Like Gunner, I have a younger brother. His name is Robby and he’s a Voidcritter collector! His favorite Voidcritter? The Nymphaea! Not only does he play with Voidcritters, but also his favorite giant teddy bear named Blarffy. We’re an outdoor loving family and we love bears!

Now that I’ve introduced my family, let us proceed with what I did today.

I just came back from another boring day of school and the first thing I did was water the cowplant. Yes, we have a cowplant. We’ll promise to be careful when handling it.

The cowplant was refreshed enough, so I headed inside to start on my Creative Arts HW. Our assignment was to write a 5 page essay on an art medium. I was assigned to write about tempera. This should be interesting.

“Hi, honey! How was school?”, Mom asked.

“It was okay. I have this essay from Creative Arts class to work on,” I said.

“All right. What are you supposed to write about?”

“An art medium! The medium I was assigned to write about is tempera.”

“That sounds interesting. I’ll leave you to work on it.”

After my homework, I headed off to Brindleton Bay, which is not far from Newcrest.

I traveled to Cavalier Cove, the neighborhood where Joseph Junior lives.

I love collecting so I went ahead and explored this neighborhood to see if I can get any collectables and to see if I can interact with any of the cats and dogs that roam around here.

I found some tulips and snapdragons, fossils, and one Heart Frog. Not bad.

Next, I headed to Sable Square, home to the famous Pupperstone Park.

As I was about to head inside the park, my phone vibrated. I got a text message from Gunner. He sent me a funny meme! I laughed and sent him a meme back.

I saw Trey Cohen, the iEugenie technician. I thought I would go up and say hello to him.

“Hey, Cohen! What’s up?”, I asked.

“Hey, Chandlor! Not much. Just hanging out around here. Nice day isn’t it?”, Trey asked.

“It sure is!”

“Have you, Eugenie, and Avalon plan to broadcast any more shows?”, I asked.

“Sorry, friend. We don’t because we’re still recovering from all the drama that Devon spilled on us,” Trey said.

“Really? Aw, come on, man! It’s been almost a month!”

That Devon! You know, she needs to cool off with all the madness!

“Don’t worry. We have some exciting shows planned for you all. Once we’ve fully recovered, we’ll be back on our regular schedule,” Trey said.

“Good! Because I’m starting to miss seeing you three entertaining us every Friday!”, I said.

Later, I walked inside the park and saw lots of dogs. Joseph Junior lives in Brindleton Bay and he told me that Pupperstone Park is a dog friendly park, so many dog owners will bring their dogs here.

I noticed Gunner’s mom. I went up to her and asked if she has brought Gunner’s dog with her and if I can play with him. She said, “Yes, I brought Obi along and of course you can play with him. He’s a beagle with an orange and black coat, so you shouldn’t have a problem recognizing him.”

I saw Obi and carefully put out my hand towards him. Who knows if he’s aggressive or not? It turned out he’s not!

Obi barked at me and panted. That must be a sign that he wants to play with me.

“You wanna play, boy? Okay!”, I said and started to play with him.

I laughed as I played with Obi. If my family and I decided to have a dog, we should have one that’s playful, friendly, and adventurous. Negative traits we can tolerate are hairy and couch potato.

“Good dog!”, I said as I petted him on the head.

Gunner was right! His dog is so playful! He’s always wanting to play with others. Not only that, he’s cute!

Next, I petted him. His fur is so soft! As I petted him, Obi smiled.

It was time for Gunner’s mom to go home. She called Obi over and looked at me and said, “I saw that you had fun with Obi! He’s quite a playful one!”

“I did, Mrs. Schneider! Say, I would love for my family to have a pet,” I said.

“I know you can convince your parents to let you and Robby have one. Well, it’s best I get home. Say hi to your mother and father for me!”

“Will do!”, I said and Gunner’s mom and Obi headed home.

I was feeling a bit hungry, so I headed to one of the food stands and ordered a haddock sandwich.

I sat at a nearby bench and started to eat my sandwich.

“Yum! This is actually good!”

After I ate, I walked around for a few minutes. I love this town! I’m glad I took a walk around here.

A few minutes later, I saw a stray cat walk in front of me.

This cat looks cute. It has one yellow eye and one blue eye?? Quite unique. I wanna adopt it, but it would be wrong to do so without my parents’ knowledge. If I see it again and my parents say it’s okay to adopt a cat or dog, this would be the one!

I came home to seeing that Mom eating a slice of chocolate cake and Pop and Robby are eating Whoville cookies. These cookies were from the holiday party my family hosted during Christmas. I decided to get myself a cookie and saw down with my family.

“Mom, I had a great walk around Brindleton Bay. By the way, I saw Gunner’s mother and she said hi to you and Pop,” I said.

“That’s nice you saw Gunner’s mom! What was she doing there?”, she asked.

“She was playing some chess and guess what? She brought Gunner’s dog, Obi, along and I played with him!”

“That’s so cute that she brought her dog to the park and that you got to play with him!”

“Along the way home, I saw a stray cat and it had one yellow eye and one blue eye! It was cute!”


“Can we get a pet?”

“You want a pet? Your father and I were thinking about it and it’s a big responsibility. Are you sure you and Robby can handle having a dog or a cat around the house?”

“I think we can!”

“Good to hear. Only one problem. What if we have to go on vacation and the hotel we go to doesn’t allow pets?”

“We’ll just have to put our pet in an animal shelter.”

“You know your father and I have problems with animal shelters. We’ll just have to find someone to take care of it.”

“But we’ll eventually get a pet, right?”

“We’ll see about that.”

Later, I went on my phone to search some possible cat and dog breeds that seem well-suited for this family. I can’t wait for us to get one!

Author’s Note

These custom Christmas cookies were created by icemunmun! If you would like to add them to your game, here are the links.

Christmas Cookies Part 1

Christmas Cookies Part 2

Christmas Cookies Part 3

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