Chapter 14: Man’s Best Friend


I can’t express how thrilled I am! We finally have a dog in the family!

It all happened today with Mom telling me and Garrett some great news.

“Boys, remember you said that you wanted a pet?”, she asked.

“Yeah. What about it?”, I asked.

“We’re finally adopting one! You boys demonstrated that you’re capable of taking care of a pet! Plus, this is a reward for your excellent grades at school!”

“We’re finally getting a pet? Woo-hoo!!”, I said with joy.

“Yay! I can’t wait to see what pet we’ll be getting!”, Garrett said.

“We’ll be adopting a beagle named Obi. The adoption agent will bring him here shortly,” Mom said.

As you probably all know, a dog is a man’s best friend. Why is that? It’s because we can learn a lot from a dog’s behavior, personality, and their willingness to provide unconditional love and loyalty to their family members.

At 10 AM, the adoption agent came by with our dog. He’s so cute! I asked the agent about his traits and she told me that he’s playful, hairy, and a sleuth. A sleuth, huh? That meant he’s curious about anything and he likes to explore. Ugh, being hairy meant he’ll shed easily and leave hair piles around the house. Yay. Extra chores for me.

The agent also told me that Obi’s previous owners left him at the shelter because they were moving and the development where their new home is doesn’t allow cats and dogs. How disappointing.

After hearing Obi’s backstory, I went up to him slowly and put out my hand. He didn’t growl at me, which meant he’s not aggressive and he likes me.

Garrett went up to Obi to introduce himself. Obi didn’t growl at him either, so that meant he liked him too.

He’s perfect for the family! He’s cute and he has two good traits and one negative trait that we can tolerate.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for choosing this adorable dog for us!!

“He’s very friendly and cute!”, Mom said.

“Such a happy day here in the Schneider family house!”, Dad said.

“Now that we have a dog in the house, it’s you boys’ responsibility to take good care of him. After all, he’s your dog.”

“Your mother’s right. Don’t let us be the ones who have to bathe him, feed him, train him, and take him out for walks.”

I decided to play with him for a bit. Man, he’s very energetic! Since he’s playful, he loves toys and he’s wants to play all the time, even if he’s not excited.

“Obi looks a bit hungry. I shall prepare him some Marinated Sausage Link Chorizo!”, Mom said and went to the kitchen to prepare Obi’s food.

After Mom cooked the Marinated Sausage Link Chorizo, she served it to Obi. Obi started to chow down the chorizo. He was so hungry, he enjoyed it immensely.

After Obi ate, I decided to take him for a walk in Brindleton Bay, where lots of cats and dogs roam.

Yuck! I stepped in some dog poop, ruining my beautiful, expensive sneakers! Whoever’s dog left that, the owner must’ve forgot to clean up after his or her dog.

“Darn it! Those costed a lot of money! Should’ve watched my step,” I said.

There’s one of my classmates, Yvette. She’s Josh and Nick’s genius sister.

“Hi, Gunner! Why the long face?”, she asked.

“I stepped in some dog poop and it smells,” I said.

“EWWW! Gross! You better find some hose to clean your shoes. Oh, is that your dog?? He’s so cute!”

“Yup! His name is Obi and he’s a beagle.”

“Lucky you! My family can’t have a pet because my parents said that pets are too expensive to take care of!”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“That’s okay. I hope one day, my siblings and I will convince our parents to let us have a pet!”

Hope their parents say yes.

I’ve only been to Brindleton Bay a couple of times just to hang out with Joseph Junior, Jubilee, and Hope. Never got a chance to fully explore the whole town.

Wow, this scenery is breath-taking! There’s a lake where fishermen can catch fish and this area is ideal for picnics!

Obi saw a dirt pile and went digging into it. Dogs really love to dig. Let’s see if he’ll find some treasures.

Oh, what’s this? Obi has a small gift box for me? How sweet! I shall open it once I get home.

Later, I saw Akane. She shouldn’t help noticing how cute Obi is.

“Awww, your doggie is so adorable!!”, she said.

“Thanks! We adopted him today!”, I said.

“Speaking of dogs, I’ve been following this dog enthusiast’s blog. It’s called Paw-tastic Life and it’s written by Ryan Porter. OMG, Ryan’s so dreamy and his dog is adorable! Please take a look when you have a chance,” she said as she showed me some of the blog’s posts.

“Gee, his dog is bigger than mine! I’ll definitely give it a look. Thanks!”

Just as I was about to head home, I bumped into Nick.

“Dude, you have a dog??? Sick!!”, Nick said.

“Thanks! This is Obi and he’s a beagle. We adopted him today and my parents, my little bro, and I love him!”, I said as I tickled Obi’s chin.

“Say, what are you doing out here so late at night?”, I asked.

“Just came here for a walk. Man, Mom and Dad are driving me crazy,” Nick said.

I recall Josh telling that Nick can be a bit of a troublemaker, “How? Did you do something bad?”

“You can say that. I tricked my sister, Kristen, into believing goblins are real. Mom and Dad didn’t like that and I got grounded for a few days.”

“Grounded, huh? That sucks.”

“I know, right?”

After I came back from walking Obi, I opened the small gift box that Obi gave me and discovered a fossil inside! Neat!

Then, I took a shower and changed back into my everyday wear, took Obi to the couch, and snuggled with him. As I snuggled with him, he licked my face, “Hahaha. That tickles!”

“Who’s a good boy? You are!”, I said playfully and poked his nose.

“Gunner, I wanna hold him!”, Garrett said.

“Just give me a few minutes and then it’ll be your turn.”

A few minutes later, I let my little bro snuggle with him.

“I can’t wait to show off Obi to my friends! They’ll love him!”, Garrett said.

Every time I hold Obi, it makes my heart melt. My family and I are pleased to have Obi as part of our loving family.

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