Dog Loving Family

It was a nice Saturday afternoon and here we find Garrett and his parents in Brindleton Bay. Gunner is at the Simself Family’s house, hanging out with the Simself Triplets.

Garrett’s friends, the Lewis Brothers, Asher and Steve, have invited him over to their house for a playdate and to show him their cute puppies.

Once the three were inside, they were warmly greeted by Asher, Steve, and their parents, Josh and Samantha.

“Welcome to our humble home! I’m Josh Lewis and this is my beautiful wife, Samantha, and our sons, Asher and Steve. Please make yourselves at home,” Josh said.

“Hiya, Garrett! We can’t wait to show you our puppies and have fun together!”, Steve said.

“Yeah! You will love our puppies!”, Asher said.

“Okay, boys. You two and Garrett have fun. Mommy and Daddy will be chatting with Garrett’s parents,” Samantha said.

The parents went ahead and got settled. Asher and Steve got their puppies, Duke and Rover, to show Garrett.

“They’re so cute! What are their names?”, Garrett asked.

“This is Rover and he’s a Beagle. He loves to play ball with us and loves to go outside and run. He’s friendly, so he won’t bite anyone!”, Asher said.

“This is Duke and he’s a King Charles Spaniel. He’s very adventurous and he would go out to find some treasures. He’s smart and training him is easy as pie! Like Rover, he’s very friendly and won’t bite anyone,” Steve said.

“How old are they?”, Garrett asked.

“Duke is 3 months old and Rover is 4 months old,” Asher said.

“Wanna pet our puppies?”, Steve asked.

“Yes, please!”, Garrett said.

Asher put Rover down and Garrett slowly put his hand towards Rover.

“Come on, boy! Come on,” Garrett said.

Rover was calm and that allowed Garrett to pet him. As Garrett petted him, Rover felt relaxed.

“Good boy!”, Garrett said.

“Hey, Rover likes you!!”, Asher said.

Next, Garrett went up to Duke.

“Hi, Duke! I wanna be friends with you!”, he said as he approached Duke carefully.

Garrett also petted Duke. Like Rover, Duke felt happy and calm as Garrett petted him.

“Your puppies really love being petted!”, Garrett said.

“Dogs love being petted. It makes them feel good,” Steve said.

“Is it okay to pet any dog?”

“Never pet a random dog. Pet only the ones who are familiar to you. If you want to pet a dog, always get permission from the owner first and then approach the dog from the side.”

After petting Duke, Garrett picked him up and hugged him.

“I want my Mommy and Daddy to give me and my big brother a pet!”, Garrett said.

“Do you like dogs or cats?”, Asher asked.

“I like both, but I like dogs more!”

“Definitely get a dog! They’re more fun to play with than cats.”

“How long have you been living here?”, Justin asked.

“We’ve been living here since the day we got married. I’m from Sunset Valley and Sam is from Windenburg. We met in San Myshuno and got married there. We chose to live here because city life was hectic and we wanted a quieter place to live and start a family,” Josh said.

“I met my sweetheart in Pleasantview, got married there, and started our family there as well. We moved to current hometown, Newcrest, because life in Pleasantview got boring and my restaurant was finally built and ready for business,” Justin said.

“You own a restaurant?? What’s it called and what food do you serve there?”

“It’s called Europa Delights and state-of-the-art European cuisine is served there. Do come by. You’ll not only enjoy the food, but also the beautiful decor and well-trained staff!”

“We’ll definitely check it out!”

As Justin was talking about his restaurant with Josh, Lucille and Samantha were chatting about the latest romance novel called Love in the Time of Sandwiches. Both these ladies are huge bookworms. Samantha discussed about forming a book club and Lucille agreed to be part of it.

Justin and Lucille learned that Josh and Samantha own a vet clinic, which opened a few weeks after they moved into Brindleton Bay.

“A vet clinic? Hey, if we have a pet and it becomes sick, can you give us free treatments since we’re now great friends?”, Justin asked.

Josh laughed a bit, ” LOL, we wish. However, we can give you a coupon for 40% off your first examination.”

“Nice! That can be useful since pet examinations are expensive!”

Later, Garrett and the Lewis Brothers went to the Lewis Brothers’ room to play.

Immediately, Garrett saw the stuffed dog toy and hugged it. “You have the new Ruffy Schnugglekins stuffed toys??”

“Yes! I have the Dalmatian patterned one and Asher has the beige one,” Steve said.

“I’m thinking about getting one. Besides, my stuffed dragon, Drago, is always feeling sad and lonely whenever I don’t play with him.”

“You should get one! It can make a great friend for your stuffed dragon!”

“Who’s a good doggie?”, Asher said to his Ruffy Schnugglekins stuffed toy.

Garrett went over to see Asher’s stuffed dog toy.

“Look at him! He’s happy!”, Garrett said.

“He is! He loves our company!”, Asher said.

The puppies went to where the parents are. Samantha was sharing with Lucille some pet caring tips and recommending some dog breeds she thought would make great companions. Josh was about to show off the puppies to Justin.

“Are these your puppies? They’re so cute!”, Justin said.

“Thanks! This is Duke, a King Charles Spaniel, and Rover, a Beagle. Both our puppies are friendly, so they won’t bite you guys. Rover is the active one and he loves playing ball with us. Duke is adventurous and every time he goes out, he brings a treasure back,” Josh said.

“Neat! I definitely should get a dog that’s friendly and adventurous!”

A few minutes later, Josh and Justin decided to go outside to explore the neighborhood a bit.

“While our hubbies are out, why don’t I show you how to cook Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus? It’s one of mine and Justin’s favorite dishes!”, Lucille asked.

“Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus?? Josh and I have tried it before at our favorite restaurant, but I never had the chance to cook it. Please show me how,” Samantha said.

The ladies went inside the kitchen and Lucille flavorized the stove.

“As you can see, I’m flavorizing your cooking appliance to boost food quality. This is only good for one use. However, if you want to cook excellent quality meals, it’s best you improve your cooking skills. High level chefs always prepare them,” Lucille said.

“Got it!”, Samantha said.

After getting all the ingredients out, Lucille started to cook the dish.

“After you finish cooking the Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus, can you teach me how to prepare the Marinated Sausage Link Chorizo and the Dogbone Meat Pie?” Samantha said.

“I’d be more than happy to teach you! The Marinated Sausage Link Chorizo is a gourmet pet dish and your puppies are guaranteed to love it! It’s not a hard recipe to learn. As for the Dogbone Meat Pie, another great dish for dogs! In my opinion, it’s a bit difficult to prepare, so when I show you how to make it, please be patient with me,” Lucille said.

Meanwhile, the boys were upstairs playing with their toys.

“We live in Sable Square, one of the neighborhoods here in Brindleton Bay,” Josh said.

“How many neighborhoods are there in Brindleton Bay? In Newcrest, there are three neighborhoods,” Justin said.

“There are four: Sable Square, Deadgrass Isle, Cavalier Cove, and Whiskerman’s Wharf. Sable Square is the cultural center of Brindleton Bay. Whiskerman’s Wharf is where you can find lots of cats, tourists, and fishermen. Cavalier Cove is the ideal place to go exploring and take dogs out to chase the seagulls. Deadgrass Isle is home to Deadgrass Discoveries, Brindleton Bay’s famous museum, and Brindleton Light, the best place for you and your loved ones to hang out.”

“Such a beautiful town. We’re going to take our time to explore Brindleton Bay.”

Later, Josh led Justin to a food stall near Pupperstone Park. He explained that all the food stalls in Brindleton Bay serve delicious seafood dishes in addition to sandwiches and burgers. Justin will check them out to see if any of these seafood dishes will be great for his restaurant’s menu.

Josh showed Justin one of the beautiful sculptures in the neighborhood. There are so many of them in this neighborhood.

Justin decided to tell Josh some funny dog jokes and Josh got a great laugh out of them.

Back at the Lewises’ house, Samantha was praising Lucille’s cooking skills.

“Lucille, this smells wonderful! You ARE a well-trained chef!”, Samantha said.

“Thank you kindly! I work as a chef at a five-star restaurant and I devoted time to train myself,” Lucille said.

Few minutes later, Josh and Justin were back, just in time to have Lucille’s Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus!

“It’s smells wonderful here!”, Josh said.

“I showed Sam how to cook Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus. It’s not a hard gourmet dish to prepare!”, Lucille said.

“That’s one of my favorite dishes! Josh and Sam, you’ll love it!”, Justin said.

“What are you waiting for? Dig in!”, Lucille said and the adults grabbed their forks and dug in.

Josh took a bite of the dish and in an instant, his taste buds were wrapped in pure goodness.

“Whoa! This is delish!”, he said.

“Lucille is quite the gourmet cooking master!”, Justin said as he inhaled the scrumptious scent of the food.

After eating Lucille’s scrumptious Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus, the parents went outside to see their children watching SuperKids: Cortex Catastrophe.

“Josh, look at our sons and Garrett hanging out, watching SuperKids: Cortex Catastrophe together,” Samantha said.

“They became great friends! I know our Asher and Steve will be hanging out a lot with Garrett,” Josh said.

“I had fun tonight. I hope you did, honey,” Justin said.

“No doubt this is a fun night. Garrett’s having fun with Asher and Steve and you and I are getting along well with Josh and Samantha,” Lucille said.

“Gunner and Garrett are responsible enough to handle taking care of a pet. Let’s get a dog. When is it a good time to get one?”, Justin asked.

“Next week?”

“Sounds great. I’ll be looking at the pet shelter catalogs to see which dog would be great for us.”

“I like Lucille and her love for cooking and books. I can’t wait to try cooking that scrumptious Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus!”, Samantha said.

“Justin’s cool! He’s a great father and restaurant owner. He told me he’ll be getting a pet!”, Josh said.

“Really? Is it going to be a dog?”


Throughout the rest of the visit, Lucille and Justin snuggled with each other and Josh and Samantha did the same with each other.

After much consideration, the Schneider Family will definitely get a dog.

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    1. Glad you loved it. It’s about time I incorporated pets in this story. I was a bit tempted to make pets for each household that don’t have one, but I decided to hold that off. As I was screenshot, I kept going “Awwwwww” because of cuteness overload! Stay tuned as the Schneider family will have a pet soon.

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