Chapter 13: One Crazy Family


My name is Josh Connors and welcome to my crazy life.

A little bit about myself. I love sports, pulling pranks, fishing, telling jokes, and of course, playing video games. Even though I’m a prankster, I’m nice to people.

Now, to introduce my crazy family.

This is my mother. She’s very strict and worries about us 24/7. Except Nick, she trusts us to be well-behaved model children. Since she and Dad don’t trust Nick at all, they imposed a curfew on him, which is if he leaves the house, he should be home by 9 PM. She loves the color purple, which is why she purchases many purple clothes and shoes and her highlights are purple.

That’s my goofy father! When he was younger, he loved to pull pranks and tell jokes. He always tells me and Nick that we inherited his sense of humor.

My sister, Kristen, is kind-hearted and cares about others. Whenever she sees people down, she would go up to them and cheer them up. In addition, she loves to take walks around town.

Yvette, my other sister, is a super genius. Whenever conflicts arise in the family, she would go all out and try to resolve it. She also loves wearing dresses and cooking. She’s planning to open her babysitting service pretty soon.

Finally, meet my brother, Nick. He tends to be invited to a lot of parties because he’s one of the popular kids at VLH High. He’s not very good at keeping track of time, which causes him to be home past his curfew. Trust me, he’s broken a lot of curfews, which gets on Mom and Dad’s nerves. He’s also a prankster, so mischief is always present around the house. He pulls more pranks than I do.

In a typical day in the Connors Family, Nick would start the day off, doing mischief! I say I can tolerate his mischief, but really, I’m getting sick and tired of it.

It’s a great day and Nick starts his day off, as usual, doing mischief.

“Hey, bud!”, Nick said and he flicked my nose.

“Ow!”, I said.

“You got me, man! You got me!”, I said.

“Hahaha! I knew I can count on you to,” Nick said as he laughed with me.

You think this is over? Well, it’s not!

“Oh, any girls like you? Do you have a crush on anyone?”, Nick asked.

“No one at the moment,” I said.

“Oooo, Josh. You don’t? Are you scared to admit that you’re in love???”


“Josh is a scaredy cat! Josh is a scaredy cat!”

“Am not!”

Nick blew a raspberry at me.

“Na na na na! Josh is such a wimp!”, he said.

“Oh, please,” I said.

Later, I went downstairs to play some games. Meanwhile, Kristen was telling Yvette about the girl who disliked her for no reason.

“You know that girl, Kimberly?”, Kristen asked.

“The girl who is currently living alone with her younger sister and the one who dislikes you for no reason? What about her?”, Yvette wondered.

“I saw her the other day and she apologized for being rude to me. The reason was is because she was very upset over her parents’ death and that it was stressful to focus on both school and caring for her younger sister. Now, we’re friends!”

“That’s awesome!”

Minutes later, while my mother, father, and sisters were watching the news, Nick decided to trick the family by farting.

“What in the name of god is that smell?”, Mom asked.

“I don’t know, honey,” Dad said.

“Ewwwww, it smells like rotten eggs!”, Yvette said.

“Gross!! OMG, whoever did that is so evil!”, Kristen said.

“HAHA!! I got you all!”, Nick said.

Even though Dad used to prank others when he was younger, he didn’t tolerate farting one bit.

“Young man, that was very disgusting! How dare you think it’s appropriate to fart in front of us!”, he said.

“Awww, Dad! It’s just a prank! Can’t you take a joke or something?”, Nick said.

“Prank or not, I don’t find it funny! Your fart was so smelly, your mother and sisters would’ve fainted!”

It’s a Sunday and there was no school. So, Nick and I decided to head to the park in our town.

“It’s a beautiful day for horseshoes? What do you say, Nick? Wanna play?”, I asked.

“Sure. Let’s go!”, he said and we headed to the horseshoe court and played.

Nick loves going to the gym, so we headed to the Vital Climb Gym. They have the rock climbing walls and Nick decided that he’s going to challenge me.

“I think I’m going to do this without falling to the ground!”, I said.

“Oh yeah? Remember last time you did this, you fell! I don’t think you can last 5 minutes or more!”, Nick said.

“You don’t think I can? We’ll see about that! You’re on!”

“Ready, bro?”, I asked.

“Ready! Let’s go!”, Nick said and we started to climb on the rock climbing walls.

After a few rounds, I began to feel fit! That’s the power of exercise! Also, I was able to climb on the wall for 10 minutes without falling to the ground.

“Wow, Josh! I’m impressed! You were able to climb and not fall for 10 minutes!”, Nick said.

“Practice, bro. It takes practice to become better,” I said.

Even though Nick can be mean and can pull really dangerous pranks, I still love him. I mean not all the pranks he pulls are dangerous. Imagine if he wasn’t part of the family. Then, there will be no humor around the house.

You can definitely call us crazy, but we’re one big happy, loving family.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 13: One Crazy Family

    1. You’re absolutely right. Lots of teens = more drama. Fun fact about this family: they were one of the first few families I’ve created 2 years ago, when I first started playing TS4. I was able to locate the tray files of this family from my external hard drive and put them in the tray folder on my MacBook, which I now use for Simming. After that’s done, I took this family into CAS and gave them makeovers with the CAS items from all the packs I own.

      I can’t wait to feature more of this family in this story.

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