Web Show #2: AHHH!! HOT!!

Eugenie: Hey, everybody! I’m Eugenie!

Avalon: I’m Avalon!

Eugenie: And you’re tuning in to iEugenie!

Avalon: We have something excited for tonight!

Eugenie: Hope you’re ready!

Avalon: You better be!

Eugenie: For today’s iEugenie, we’re going to be doing a segment called: AHHH!! HOT!!

Avalon: You’re probably guessing: it has to do with spicy food.

Eugenie: If you said that, you’re right! Avalon and I will be doing a spicy food eating contest!

Avalon: Whoever blows the least amount of fires wins!

Eugenie: Okay, the first spicy food we’ll be trying is Indian curry! Ready, Avalon?

Avalon: Ready!

Eugenie: Let’s go!


Eugenie: Haha!! You blew fire! So, I’m in the lead!

Eugenie: AHHHHHHH!!!!!! HOT!!!!!!!!

Avalon: Okay, we’re tied.

After finishing the curry

Eugenie: Okay, the results are as follows: I blew fire 4 times while Avalon blew fire 5 times. That means I’m the winner!

Avalon: Way to go, Eugenie! It looks like you can handle spicy foods better than me!

Eugenie: Before we move on to the next round, Avalon and I will take a short break and cool our tongues! We’ll see you when we’re done!

After the break

Eugenie: We’re back and ready for round 2 of this contest!

Avalon: The next spicy dish we’ll be trying is Bhel Puri, which is a savory Indian snack!

Eugenie: Hope any of you viewers out there like spicy food! Next time we do another spicy food eating contest, we’ll invite you to join!

Avalon: This is still in the works and once we got that figured out, we’ll announce when this will take place!

Both: AHHH!! HOT!!

Avalon: We’re tied.

Eugenie: Even though this dish is SO spicy, I LOVE IT!

Avalon: I love it too.

Eugenie: I’m gonna win for sure!

Avalon: Oh yeah? We’ll see about that!

Avalon: UGH! This is torture!

Eugenie: Come on, Eugenie. You got this!

After finishing the Bhel Puri

Eugenie: Wow, I breathed fire 4 times while Avalon breathed fire 5 times! I win!

Avalon: Way to go, girl. My tongue is burning a lot.

Eugenie: Okay fans! We’ll be taking a break and cooling off our tongues! See you when we’re done!

After the break

Eugenie: Hey, guys! We’re back! Did you miss us? I bet you did!

Avalon: Final round of this spicy food eating contest! We’re having a Chinese delicacy, Mapo Tofu with Pork!

Eugenie: I’ve never tried this dish before. Hope it’s delicious.

Avalon: Ok, Eugenie. Let’s do this!

Eugenie: This is our first time using chopsticks, so please forgive us.

Avalon: Using chopsticks is very hard, but with a little practice, we can become chopstick savvy!

Eugenie: This dish is good and a bit spicy.

Avalon: I love this dish! I’ve tried tofu before and it’s so soft.

Eugenie: AHHHH!! HOT!!

After finishing the Mapo Pork with Tofu

Avalon: Ha! I didn’t breathe any fire in this round! I win!

Eugenie: BUT, I won 2 rounds and you won 1 round. So that means I win this contest!

Avalon: Congrats, bestie!

Eugenie: Well, that was fun! Right, Avalon?

Avalon: It wasn’t just fun, it was blazing hot!

Eugenie: I hope you all enjoyed seeing us eating spicy food and breathing fire.

Avalon: Let’s move on to a new segment called “Call the Fashion Police”!!

Eugenie: Wherever we go, we see people dressed in weird and funny outfits!

Avalon: In this segment, we’ll be sharing pictures of people dressed funny!

Eugenie: Here are tonight’s top picks!

Eugenie: This looks pretty okay, in my opinion.

Avalon: To make this outfit better, she would’ve worn pants instead of a skirt.

Eugenie: Check this dude out!

Avalon: A sports jacket, jeans with a sweater tied to it, and Indian style slip ons!

Eugenie: Come on. Why are you wearing a jacket when you have a sweater tied to your jeans??

Avalon: Are you trying to stay extra warm even though it’s blazing warm out there?

Eugenie: Here’s another one!

Avalon: The overall outfit looks good, except for the shoes.

Eugenie: Why wear fancy loafers? They’re only for formal wear!

Eugenie: Hope you got a laugh out of today’s “Call the Fashion Police” segment!

Avalon: That concludes tonight’s show! Remember to always eat your vegetables!

Eugenie: Get good grades!

Avalon: Don’t cheat on tests!

Eugenie: I’m Eugenie!

Avalon: I’m Avalon!

Eugenie: See you later! Bye!

14 thoughts on “Web Show #2: AHHH!! HOT!!

    1. We see Sims dressed horribly most of the time, so I decided to make it a segment in the show. Every time I see a horribly dressed Sim, I would either take that Sim to CAS and try my best to make him or her look better or attempt to keep that Sim out of my screenshots!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, same. MCCC has a setting in dresser that you can randomize their outfit or individual parts of it and sometimes that’s quicker than taking them into CAS but not always, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh, that setting where you can randomize Sims’ outfits! I totally forgot all about that! Next time, I see a horribly dressed Sim, I’ll be sure to do that. Thanks for reminding me about that.

        Liked by 1 person

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