Chapter 12: You’re the One!


Yikes! It’s Devon Crandall, the school bully at VLH High!

“Well, hello, iEugenie. We finally meet. You know about these rumors about you three doing horrific things?”

“Yeah, we knew about them. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I was the ONE who spread those nasty rumors! HA!”

“I knew you were the one behind all this! Why? WHY?!”, Eugenie said.

“To be honest, I love being mean and rude to everyone! I simply hate seeing everything so bright and happy! I want the world full of evil and anger! MUAHAHAHA!”, Devon said while laughing maniacally.

That comment made our blood boil. 😡

“Devon, what do you have against us that you would want to spread rumors about us?!”, Trey said with extreme anger.

“Spill it!”, I said.

“This is our reputation you’re hurting! It’s not fair that you had to target us!”, Eugenie said.

“You wanna know why I spread these rumors?! YOU REALLY WANNA KNOW?! DO YOU??!! Okay, I’ll tell you! Ever since your show began, I’ve been very jealous of you three! You’re famous and I’m not!  Trey, everyone admires you because of your fascination with technology! Also, I hate your hair color! It look hideous on you! Please dye it a different color! Avalon, you make friends so easily and I can’t! Eugenie, you and Avalon are friends with my twin sister, Haven. She’s a goody two shoes and she annoys me a lot! I wish you two weren’t friends with Haven at all! Now to say this to you all! Someday, I’ll be successful in shutting down your show and I wish you three will burn in hell!”

Whoa, Devon. That was harsh! #iEugenieHater

You have plans to shut down our show?! You’re insane!

“I need to go. The sight of you is making my eyes burn!”, Devon said.

“Just get outta here, Devon! You’ve done enough damage!”, Eugenie said.

“Fine. I’ll go, but I’ll be back for more! You haven’t seen the last of Devon Crandall!”, Devon said and stomped off.

After Devon left, we made some phone calls and sent texts to assure our friends and fans that it was Devon who spread these nasty rumors about us and that we didn’t actually do these things.

Geez Louise, Devon! You are so mean and rude!! I hope you will leave us alone for good!

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 12: You’re the One!

    1. It’s obvious that Devon is the one who spread these false rumors about the iEugenie trio. What do you expect? She and Haven are opposites of each other. If Devon does another disastrous thing to the trio, then Haven will definitely have to stand up to Devon.

      Liked by 1 person

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