Chapter 11: True Family Support


Greetings, all. It’s me, Avalon, the co-host of iEugenie.

It’s been a few days since these rumors have spread and I tell you, we’re in deep trouble. Luckily, we aren’t expelled from school, but a lot of people have been giving us cold stares and hurling insults as we walked by.

Here I am chatting with my little brother, Eric, about my issue. He’s the genius in the family, he’s a good listener, and he’s willing to help us with any problem.

“Big Sissy, you been very sad these past few days. Are you alright?”, Eric asked.

“Eric, I’m a little in melancholy. My classmates aren’t speaking to me. My teachers are unfairly giving me poor grades. Eugenie and Trey are also suffering the same fate as I am! What am I going to do??”, I whined.

“First off, you need to relax. Read a book or paint a picture to get your mind off this craziness.”

“You’re right. I do need to get my mind off this matter!”

Later, Eric went off to play dolls with my little sister, Rosalie. I went downstairs to find Daddy sitting on the couch. He’s been working on a lot of paintings, some of which will go around the house and others will be sold to collectors. Mommy’s at the club mixing drinks and she won’t be back until 1 AM.

Daddy said that he wanted to talk to me for a bit.

“Avalon, about these rumors,” he said.

“Yeah, I know. You believe them. Are you going to punish me for all this?”, I asked.

“What? Punish you? Absolutely not! You’re our daughter and we know you inside out. We know you won’t do these things to your classmates and friends!”

“I just can’t take this anymore! Eugenie, Trey, and I are losing friends as well as iEugenie fans!”

“Sweetheart, I know it’s hard to deal with this, but I promise you things will get better. Once you find out who is really behind all this, things should be back to normal.”

“I hope so! I don’t want iEugenie to be crushed forever!”

A few minutes later, my phone vibrated. I wonder what it is.

A text from Hope?

After I talked with Daddy, I went up to Eric and Rosalie’s room to play with them for a bit. This can cheer me up a bit after all the drama I’ve been going through.

I already mentioned that Eric’s a genius in the family and a good listener. He also loves to conduct science experiments on his science station. Luckily, there haven’t been any fires so far!

My little sister, Rosalie, is like me, a music lover.  When she grows up, she wants to become a professional violist!

My younger siblings always have funny jokes to share!

…and I have funny jokes and stories to tell them. They loved to be entertained by my jokes and stories.

“Would you like Mommy and Daddy to get you these new stuffed cat and dog toys?”, I asked.

“New stuffed toys?! Yes, please!”, Rosalie said.

“Yes! We would love to have them!”, Eric said.

“Okay, when there’s the opportunity, I’ll ask them,” I said.

1 AM, Mommy has arrived home. I approached her and she had something to say.

“Honey, along the way home, I spoke with Eugenie and Trey’s parents,” she said.

“You did? How are Eugenie and Trey?”, I asked.

“They all said that Eugenie and Trey are still miserable, but doing okay otherwise. Eugenie almost went on a hunger strike while Trey is undergoing a phase where he distances himself from his family.”

“That’s terrifying! I hope they’ll get over their misery soon!”

“I hope so too. Now, tomorrow is another school day. Please be careful as people will be hurling insults at you. Remember to stay strong.”

“Okay, Mommy. I’ll be strong.”

“Good. By the way, it’s past your bedtime, so please go get ready for bed!”

Hopefully tomorrow, we’ll find out who the real culprit is! So far, our reputation has been severely damaged.

Before I headed to bed for the night, I looked at my Jackson Day poster. I’m a fan of his band, the Llama Kings.

“Oh, Jackson. Please save me from tragedy.”

The next day after school

Today, school wasn’t that bad. We made it through the day with just a few people lashing at us about those nasty rumors. I’ve noticed that Eugenie and Trey’s moods have improved a bit.

After school, the three of us decided to go to the Willow Creek Museum to hang out. I’m a fan of museums!

As we were heading to the museum entrance, we heard a familiar voice behind us. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t who I think it is.”

We turned around to see who it is.

OH NO! It can’t be….

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