Chapter 10: Reflections


It’s been 5 weeks since I’ve been in school and there have been some interesting events that have happened, my peers are awesome, and my teachers are great. I thought I would take the time to reflect on some of these events, some of my teachers, and some of my fellow classmates.

First off, the special events.

During the 4th week of school, we had a scientist guest speaker! Her name is Dr. Cara Hoover and she is cool!

Many of us asked a lot of amazing questions like, “Do you love aliens?”, “What is your research on?”, “Do you develop potions to change people’s emotions?”, and “Have you traveled to Sixam?”

Dr. Hoover is currently researching on the effects potions have on emotions. Yes, she has gone to Sixam and met a lot of cool aliens! She warned that we must exercise caution when approaching an alien. She has found that several people got angry because the aliens used their powers on them without warning.

We had a police officer guest speaker during the 3rd week of school! Meet Officer Ishami Farthi.

She has arrested people who have committed crimes such as littering, DUIs, robbery, and sexual harrassment. I asked her if there are people who she arrested that committed silly crimes and she said that she arrested a man for paying someone to make a bomb threat, so that he won’t have to go to work.

Most of us asked what are the most exciting things about being a police officer and she said that she got to drive very cool police vehicles, save lives, and help others.

Now, onto my teachers. I love all of my teachers, but here are the ones that stand out.

My Health and Fitness teacher, Ms. Banerjee, is awesome! Like I said earlier, she goes so into detail! During the lecture of various diets, she went into detail about the vegetarian diet. Being a vegetarian herself, she said that this diet can help lower body weight, live a longer life, and of course, suffer less from diseases.

Meet my Creative Arts teacher, Ms. McDermott! She’s so sweet and kind! Not only is she into art, but also cats! She’s loves to paint pictures of her kittens and she offers private art lessons. I know some of my classmates who would be interested in them.

This is my Personal Development teacher, Mrs. Huang. Funny enough, she’s Kelly Huang’s mother! She’s very caring about her students. Given that she’s a mother of 3 children, she provided lots of useful advice on cooking and baking.

You don’t want to get on her bad side and misbehave. One time, she caught some students cracking Yo Mama jokes while she was teaching. She saw it and said, “Hey! There will be no cracking Yo Mama jokes in class! I don’t find them funny! You better stop it or else it’s a trip to the detention room!”

Imagine if I took a cooking class at school and my mother was the teacher. I’d be embarrassed and my fellow peers would be laughing and calling me mama’s boy.

Let’s move on to my classmates. I’ve already mentioned some, but here are the ones that I’ve haven’t had the chance to talk about.

I actually met Kelly Huang. He’s cool, but a bit shy. I asked him what he thought about his mother being one of the teachers at VLH High. He said that he was a bit embarrassed at first, but as time went by, he got used to it.

I learned that his father used to be a drug dealer, his brother, Kobe, is a ladies man, and his sister, Zara, takes up after his father. Kelly warned me to not expose his father’s criminal past and I agreed to not to.

I met another Kelly. Kelly Stratford. Her younger sister, Natalie, is one of Garrett’s good friends. Kelly’s dream job is to become a famous artist, just like her mom.

I’ve seen her a lot around school and we’ve talked a few times. She’s sweet and polite and always giving compliments to others.

I recalled Josh saying that he has a brother named Nick. One day during study hall, I saw him playing games on one of the school computers. He said that school was so boring and he wished that he could just leave school early or even better, don’t go to school at all.

He’s a troublemaker all right, but not as bad as Devon.

These are the Tanaka Sisters, Akane and Keiko. They live with their older sister, Chinatsu. In fact, Chinatsu met my mom, which is how Akane and Keiko knew who I was.

Their life isn’t easy because their parents got divorced. Chinatsu chose not to live with either parent and decided that she’ll take care of Akane and Keiko by herself.

Finally, Devin Murphy. He’s a bookworm and ever since I’ve met him, he would talk a lot about the books he’s read, including the latest releases. I noticed that he had a similar dressing style like mine and is a redhead! #redheadsrule. He has younger sister who loves being social and a younger brother who is an angel.

So I guess that’s pretty much it for my reflections. I love my school, my teachers and my classmates.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 10: Reflections

    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed the reflection. It would be boring if some chapters just introduced the new characters. Aside from that, Gunner’s got a great group of people to hang out with and teachers are fun and care about their students.


  1. That was a fun read. I really enjoyed the teachers reflections. Better not tell any “yo mama” jokes in Mrs. Huang’s class when she’s teaching. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol!! The game did give Kelly’s mom a job as a teacher and every time I see her teaching, I would be watch her facial expressions and whenever she gets mad, I would laugh. She takes her students’ behavior seriously.


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