Chapter 9: iEugenie is in Trouble!

WARNING: Mild language


Hey, it’s me, Eugenie, the host of iEugenie. Well, I’m both angry and sad! You want to know what happened that made me feel angry and sad? Do you? Well, here it goes.

One day, Avalon, Trey, and I were hanging out at Myshuno Meadows.

We were having fun there until all of a sudden, some teens came and yell at us.

First person to come to us was Joseph Jr. He’s such a sweet and friendly guy and a great friend! He’s also one of Gunner’s awesome friends! I wonder why is so angry?

“Eugenie! How dare you spam my Simbook Messenger with messages saying J.J!! You know I hate being called that!”

“I know you hate being called J.J. But Junior, I didn’t do it! Honest!”, I said with fear.

“Liar! It clearly says your name in the message and you sent 1000 messages saying ‘J.J.’ You rude, obnoxious bitch!”

“First of all, how dare you call me a ‘bitch’ and second, I honestly don’t know about this! Please stop yelling at me like I’m your mortal enemy!”

“Since you did the worst thing ever to me, I’m never watching your show ever again and you just lost a fan and a friend!”, Joseph Jr said and stormed off.

I lost a fan and a friend?! What is going on?

“Gosh, what is he talking about? Did you really send messages to Joseph Junior saying J.J?”, Trey asked.

“I swear I didn’t do it!”, I said.

“We know you didn’t do it. We’re your friends and we have always have your back.”

“Uh oh, did you just see Mrs. Simself walk by?”

“Uh, yeah. What about her?”

“I think she’s going to tell Joseph Junior, Hope, and Jubilee to stop watching our show and ban us from coming over to their house.”

Next is Kelly Huang, one of the cutest and sweetest guys at VLH High. This time, it was directed to Avalon.

“Avalon Melanie Murray! I heard that you exposed my father’s past history! How could you do this?! When we first met, you promised not to tell a soul about this!”

“Hey, only my parents can call me by my full name when I’m in trouble! How on earth did you find out my middle name and why are implying that I exposed your father’s past history? I know that it’s private!”

“Are you saying that so that you can make me feel better? Clearly, you’re a big, fat liar. Thanks to you, my father is heading the right away of being put in jail again! You are not to come near me or my family. Furthermore, I’ll never watch your show ever again! If you do come near me or my family, I’ll call the police to have you and your friends arrested.”


“Unbelievable!! You didn’t even expose Eun Huang! He used to be a criminal, but now that he has a family, he’s started fresh and opened a nightclub,” I said.

“That exactly want Kelly told me. His dad left all his criminal past behind!”

Trey is about to get scolded by Johnny Jordan, another cute guy at VLH High. What has Trey done to this cutie pie?

“At last! I found you!”, Johnny said.

“Oh, hey, Johnny! What’s up?”, Trey said.

“Don’t ‘Hey, Johnny’ me, Mr. “I Break Things”!! You broke my phone?! Are you nuts or something?”, Johnny said.

“What are you talking about? I didn’t even touch your phone!”, Trey said.

Johnny handed Trey a piece of paper, “I saw this note on my broken phone and it looks like it has your handwriting!”

Oh god. Seriously?! I know Trey wouldn’t break an electronic device!

“I didn’t even write that note!”, Trey said.

“Lie to me, will you? I thought you were nice and helpful, but you exposed your true colors by breaking my phone! How dare you!”, Johnny said.

“Johnny, I thought you were nice and polite! What happened?!”

You think this is over. Nope, we got more harsh things coming at us. Hope Simself, Joseph Junior and Jubilee’s sister, is coming towards us. We love her to bits! She’s a wonderful person and I know she doesn’t have anything mean to say to us. However, today is different.

“I can’t believe Eugenie, Avalon, and Trey have plans to ruin my appearance,” Hope said with tears in her eyes. What on earth is she talking about? Ruining Hope’s appearance? We wouldn’t do such a thing like that!

“You three have got to be the worst people to ever exist on this planet!”, Hope said.

“What did we ever do to you?”, I asked.

“Well Eugenie, I heard that you three are threatening to ruin my appearance! You have sinister plans to shave my head, burn my dresses, and take me to have plastic surgery. If you don’t stop, I’ll tell the principal on you and you can say bye-bye to your reputation, you disgraceful, good for nothing brutes!”

“I have no idea about this. You must be mistaken!”

“Mistaken, huh? Clearly, you all must be high on drugs.”

“Am not!”

“You all are really high!! You claim to have no idea about these plans, but I have evidence. You’re in major trouble, you three! I hope you get expelled!”, said and stormed off.

This is horrifying! The show has been on for 3 weeks and yet, people are lashing at us!

A few minutes later, Gunner texted me, saying that there’s a site called We headed to the library to use a computer to find that website.

“What?! There’s a site called I Hate iEugenie?!”, Trey said in shock.

“Some person started it because of the rumors spread about us,” I said.

“It shouldn’t be that bad, right? I mean just because of the rumors circulating doesn’t mean millions of people will sign up! There are fans out there who will stay loyal to us through our ups and downs!”, Avalon asked.

“How many people have signed up??”, I asked.

“Three hundred,” Trey said.

“Eh, not bad.”, I said.

“No, wait. I’m refreshing the page and the count went up to 25000 sign ups!!”, Trey said.

“Yikes!!”, I said.

Trey refreshed the page again and the count went up. “Oh no. It’s now a million sign ups.”,

“STOP REFRESHING THE PAGE! Clearly, someone is behind all this!”

“We better go home and calm ourselves down.”, Avalon said.

After I arrived home, I immediately posted a notice on the website that says the following:

To the iEugenie community:

We regret to inform you that due to the circulating rumors about us, iEugenie web shows are cancelled until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.

I also sent that notice to the iEugenie subscribers.

This is a horrible day! People spreading rumors that we’re bad people. If this keeps up, I have no choice but to shut down my show! I don’t want my show to be done with! Avalon, Trey, and I love entertaining people. It’s one of our favorite things to do!

Who is behind all this?! We better find out soon or else we’re doomed forever.

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