Dr. Jacques Laurent: Family Doctor

It’s Saturday. The sun is rising and the birds are chirping. Dr. Jacques Laurent and his family had breakfast and he’s just about to leave for work. First, he gave his wife, Renée, a big kiss.

“My precious Hershey kiss. I’m off to work. Make sure Eugenie gets her homework done,” he said.

“I’ll make sure she does. Have a great day at work, my precious strawberry covered with sweet chocolate,” Renée said.

Next, he hugged his daughter, Eugenie, who we know as the host of the popular teen web show, iEugenie!

“Eugenie, my precious daughter. Daddy’s off to work. Be good and get your homework done, okay?”, Jacques said.

“Yes, Daddy. I’ll get my homework done!! Have a great day!”, Eugenie said.

Once he arrived at Willow Creek Hospital, he went to change into his clothes. After doing that, his fellow co-worker, Mariko, greeted him.

“Good morning, Jacques! Are you ready for another day at the hospital?”, she asked.

“Good morning, Mariko! Yes, I am.”

“That’s good to hear. Today is going to be busy because there’s been a massive bug going around, giving people Starry Eyes and the Llama Flu.”

Later, Dr. Karim Ichmawin, a well-trained family doctor came to greet Dr. Laurent.

“Ah, good morning, Dr. Laurent,” Dr. Ichmawin said.

“Good morning, Dr. Ichmawin,” Jacques said.

“I’m glad you’re here. Today is going to be busy. A lot of teens and children are feeling ill. I’ve already diagnosed some patients, so you are welcome to give them their medication. Now, get busy!”

Jacques went ahead to find a patient who is either ready for his or her medication or needs to be examined. The first patient he came across is Kelly Huang, one of Eun Huang’s sons.

“Ah, Kelly Huang, I’m Dr. Laurent, one of the doctors here at Willow Creek Hospital. What are you here for?”, Dr. Laurent asked.

“I’ve caught the bug that been going around town and I’m sick with Starry Eyes. Dr. Ichmawin told me to take some special medication to get rid of it. I’m ready to take the medication and I’ll also need a doctor’s note for school.”, Kelly said.

“Okay, here is your medication and I’ll go ask Dr. Ichmawin to prepare your doctor’s note for school.”

“Thanks a lot!”

Later, he took care of someone who he knew. Eric Murray, who is Avalon’s younger brother.

“Well, well, hello, Eric! Why are you here?”, he asked.

“I’m not feeling good. I have these funny spots and I’m dizzy,” Eric said.

“I see. Something tells me you have Starry Eyes. Later, I’ll go get the medicine that can cure it.”


“How is your family doing?”

“Great. Rosalie has been practicing her violin skills, Daddy’s painting lots of pictures, Mommy’s learning new juice recipes, and big sissy Avalon has been helping me with my science experiments.”

Eric had a surprise to tell Jacques.

“By the way, Mommy and Daddy are planning to invite you, Mrs. Laurent, and Eugenie over to our house for dinner. It will be lots of fun.”

“Really? When will that be?”

“Next week.”

“How nice! I’ll talk to my wife and daughter to see if they’re free and are willing to come.”

Next up is Robby Jacobowitz, who is one of Jacques’s favorite patients.

“Ah, Robby! Nice to see you! How are you?”, Jacques asked.

“Hi, Dr. Laurent! As you already know, I’m not feeling well. I’ve been coughing and sneezing a lot,” Robby said.

Jacques can clearly hear Robby coughing and sneezing at the same time.

“Oh my, you certainly don’t look good at all. You’re coughing and sneezing! Let me get a swap sample from you and then I’ll analyze it to see what illness you have.”

After a busy day at the hospital, Jacques arrived home to see Renée relaxing on the couch and Eugenie preparing tonight’s dinner.

“So honey, how was your day?”, Renée asked.

“Busy. A lot of teens and children were there sick. By the way, Eric was there. He had Starry Eyes,” Jacques said.

“Oh dear. I hope he feels better soon!”


“By the way, tonight is the Romance Festival! What do you say all of us go there?”

“Sounds like a great idea. We’ll go after dinner!”

At 5 PM, it was time for the Laurent family to have dinner.

“Well done, Eugenie! This taco casserole is delicious!”, Jacques said.

“Thank you, Daddy! I’m glad you like it! I learned this recipe in my Personal Development class!”, Eugenie said.

“Speaking of dinner, Eric told me that his family is inviting us over to their house for dinner next week. Are we willing to make it?”

That made Eugenie excited. “Dinner with Avalon and her family? I would love to go!”

“Colin and Priscilla are very sweet to invite us for dinner! We’ll definitely be there. I’ll remember to bring some of my delicious desserts!”, Renée said.

“Great! I’ll give Colin a call to let him know that we’ll be there!”, Jacques said.

After the family finished dinner, they headed to the Romance Festival in San Myshuno. First thing they did was drink the sakura tea.

“Why do we need to drink this stuff?”, Eugenie asked.

“Eugenie, this is sakura tea, which will put you in the mood to mingle. Speaking of mingling, is there any boy at school you like?”, Renée asked.

Eugenie’s face turned red a bit. “Mom!! Don’t embarrass me in front of everybody!”

“Well, there’s got to be someone out there you like.”

“Okay, I like Gunner and Trey. Gunner has the same hair color and eye color like me and he’s very sweet! I known Trey since we were little and we get along so well!”

“Ah, Trey. Of course, you knew him for a long time and he’s a nice guy. Gunner? I heard you talk about him as much as you talk about Trey. He seems like a sweet guy.”

Eugenie went around the festival to have fun, leaving Jacques and Renée to have some time together.

“Tonight is much needed! After all, you are stressed from working at the hospital!”, Renée said.

“Agreed, my sweet honeycakes,” Jacques said and blew her a sweet kiss.

At the Romance Festival, a lot of people, including couples, love to throw petals at each other. So, the two decided to give it a go.

“Weeee!! This is fun!”, Renée said as she threw petals at Jacques.

“Wow, this is amazing!”, Jacques said.

Renée brought her book of love poems she wrote for Jacques. Tonight was the perfect opportunity to recite them.

“Not only you are a great arts critic, but a fantastic poet!”, Jacque said.

“Awww, sweetie. Thank you! These love poems have been written from the bottom of the heart,” Renée said.

After a wonderful time at the Romance Festival, the family headed home. Eugenie went upstairs to write in her journal while Jacques and Renée watched a movie while snuggling together.

What would be a better way to end the day by watching a romantic movie while snuggling with your loved one?

5 thoughts on “Dr. Jacques Laurent: Family Doctor

  1. Dads like to embarrass their daughters. Eugenie should know that. Ha, ha!

    These side stories are going to be fun. I hope we get to see the dinner planned with the two families.

    Good chapter. I enjoyed the little going to work bit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad that you like these side stories. The teens’ parents and younger siblings (if they have any), don’t get much attention.

      Yes, I’ve seen fathers like to embarrass their daughters, especially when it comes to the daughter liking someone. xD

      Of course, we’ll see the dinner between these two families. 🙂


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