Chapter 8: A Swell Bro Time


School is full of amazing people. I got the opportunity to meet one of the popular teens at VLH High!

Meet Joseph Junior. He’s smart, social and charming. He allowed us to call him Junior, but not J.J. because he hates being called that. His favorite colors are green and black, the same colors his dad likes.

He helps me in Problem Solving class and we meet up about 3 days a week to study for the class. I’ve been struggling in the class and he’s been very helpful.

He explains things thoroughly, way better than my teacher. Did you know he’s one of the top 3 students in my Problem Solving class?

He also loves to cloudgaze and stargaze. In fact, he knows all of the famous constellations!

Okay, back to reality. Tonight, I though it would great to treat my bros, Chandlor and Joseph Junior, out to dinner at one of best seafood restaurants in Sim Nation, Fish and Grill.

I went over to Chandlor’s house and asked him if he was free tonight and he said he was.

Great! I called Junior and told him that I’ll be treating him and Chandlor out to dinner. Since Chandlor and Junior don’t know each other yet, this would be a great opportunity for them to meet and get to know each other.

“Okay, I just called Joseph Junior to tell him that we’ll be having dinner tonight. You excited?”

“Yeah, man! I look forward to a great time! Well, I better go get ready. See you guys at Fish and Grill!”

Once we’re at the restaurant, I went inside to get us a table. The host was welcoming and immediately found us a table outside.

“Wow, there are lots of fancy seafood dishes to choose from!”, Chandlor said as he examined the menu.

“This is going to be a tough decision on what I should have from here,” I said to myself.

“So, Chandlor, how did you and Gunner meet?”, Junior asked.

“We meet at school. It was lunch time and he complimented on my lunch, which was garlic noodles my mother cooked for me. He’s really into fine cuisine,” Chandlor said.

“That’s cool! Yeah, I noticed Gunner is into fine cuisine! That’s a nice quality to have.”

“Gunner, since you’re into fine cuisine, can you help an old bud out and recommend a nice dish for me?”, Junior asked.

“Yeah, man! Help Joseph Junior out!”, Chandlor said.

“Junior, are you into lobster?”, I asked.

“Yeah, I like it,” Junior said.

“I would say give the lobster tortellini a try! I’ve had it before and it was scrumptious!”

“Hmmm. Lobster Tortellini? Okay, I’ll give it a try!”

After deciding what we wanted, we placed our order with the server. Right now, we’re waiting patiently for our food.

“Hey, Junior! Did you watch the iEugenie premiere last Friday?”, I asked.

“No, but my sister, Jubilee, did and you know what happened? She got a shoutout!”, Joseph Junior said.

“Really? That’s awesome! I got a shoutout too!”

“I hope Devon doesn’t plan anything disastrous for Eugenie, Avalon, and Trey,” I said to Chandlor.

“Hey, man. Chill. Devon will not mess with them. If she does, then she’s going to be in deep trouble,” Chandlor said.

10 minutes later, our food has arrived! We waited about 30 minutes and that’s reasonable.

“Ah, the savory smells! My mouth is watering right now!”, Joseph Junior said.

“I can’t wait to dig in!”, Chandlor said.

“What are we waiting for, gentlemen? Let’s eat!”, I said and the three of us started to dig in.

Joseph Junior and Chandlor are drinking sparkling apple cider while I’m having a Fizzy Fruit Drink. It looks like both mine and Joseph Junior’s entrees have lobster in them. You already know Joseph Junior is having Lobster Tortellini, which I recommended to him. I’m having the Lobster Thermidor, one of my favorite seafood dishes.  Chandlor’s having a Trout Meunière, which I also love.

“Wowzers, this lobster tortellini is so delectable! The lobster meat is tender and the cream sauce is so smooth! Also, the sparkling apple cider is so sweet and refreshing!”, Joseph Junior said.

“So glad to hear that you love your food and beverage!”, I said.

“Man, this meal was awesome! The chefs have done so well cooking my dish!”, Chandlor said.

“If I were to rate this restaurant from 1-10, I’d give it a 10!”, Joseph Junior said.

“Thanks for treating us to dinner, bro!”

“Yeah, thanks a lot, man!”

“You’re very welcome, my friends! Glad to hear you enjoyed yourselves!”, I said.

Tonight was a fun bro time! I’m impressed that Chandlor and Joseph Junior enjoyed the restaurant and that Joseph Junior enjoyed meeting Chandlor!

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 8: A Swell Bro Time

  1. Thanks for having Junior (and the mentioning of Jubilee so far) in your story. I like how you kept many qualities of Junior and then added your own uniqueness to him in his “alternate universe”.

    Happy that he is bro’s with Gunner and now Chandlor. He’ll back Gunner and iEugenie Trio if Devon picks on them. He’ll use words and wit to take her down! Ha ha! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for submitting your Simself Family for this story! I enjoy having them in my game and story. I did take Joseph Junior’s trait and backstory and incorporate them. Yes, he’s going to be a loyal friend to Gunner. I mean he does care a lot about his friends. 🙂

      Jubilee and Hope will be entering Gunner’s life soon. 🙂


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