Dog Loving Family

It was a nice Saturday afternoon and here we find Garrett and his parents in Brindleton Bay. Gunner is at the Simself Family’s house, hanging out with the Simself Triplets. Garrett’s friends, the Lewis Brothers, Asher and Steve, have invited him over to their house for a playdate and to show him their cute puppies. Once the three were inside, they were warmly greeted by … Continue reading Dog Loving Family

Chapter 13: One Crazy Family

–Josh– My name is Josh Connors and welcome to my crazy life. A little bit about myself. I love sports, pulling pranks, fishing, telling jokes, and of course, playing video games. Even though I’m a prankster, I’m nice to people. Now, to introduce my crazy family. This is my mother. She’s very strict and worries about us 24/7. Except Nick, she trusts us to be … Continue reading Chapter 13: One Crazy Family

Chapter 12: You’re the One!

–Avalon– Yikes! It’s Devon Crandall, the school bully at VLH High! “Well, hello, iEugenie. We finally meet. You know about these rumors about you three doing horrific things?” “Yeah, we knew about them. Why do you ask?” “Well, I was the ONE who spread those nasty rumors! HA!” “I knew you were the one behind all this! Why? WHY?!”, Eugenie said. “To be honest, I love … Continue reading Chapter 12: You’re the One!

Web Show #2: AHHH!! HOT!!

Eugenie: Hey, everybody! I’m Eugenie! Avalon: I’m Avalon! Eugenie: And you’re tuning in to iEugenie! Avalon: We have something excited for tonight! Eugenie: Hope you’re ready! Avalon: You better be! Eugenie: For today’s iEugenie, we’re going to be doing a segment called: AHHH!! HOT!! Avalon: You’re probably guessing: it has to do with spicy food. Eugenie: If you said that, you’re right! Avalon and I will be … Continue reading Web Show #2: AHHH!! HOT!!

Chapter 11: True Family Support

–Avalon– Greetings, all. It’s me, Avalon, the co-host of iEugenie. It’s been a few days since these rumors have spread and I tell you, we’re in deep trouble. Luckily, we aren’t expelled from school, but a lot of people have been giving us cold stares and hurling insults as we walked by. Here I am chatting with my little brother, Eric, about my issue. He’s … Continue reading Chapter 11: True Family Support

Chapter 10: Reflections

–Gunner– It’s been 5 weeks since I’ve been in school and there have been some interesting events that have happened, my peers are awesome, and my teachers are great. I thought I would take the time to reflect on some of these events, some of my teachers, and some of my fellow classmates. First off, the special events. During the 4th week of school, we … Continue reading Chapter 10: Reflections

Chapter 9: iEugenie is in Trouble!

WARNING: Mild language –Eugenie– Hey, it’s me, Eugenie, the host of iEugenie. Well, I’m both angry and sad! You want to know what happened that made me feel angry and sad? Do you? Well, here it goes. One day, Avalon, Trey, and I were hanging out at Myshuno Meadows. We were having fun there until all of a sudden, some teens came and yell at us. First … Continue reading Chapter 9: iEugenie is in Trouble!

Chapter 8: A Swell Bro Time

–Gunner– School is full of amazing people. I got the opportunity to meet one of the popular teens at VLH High! Meet Joseph Junior. He’s smart, social and charming. He allowed us to call him Junior, but not J.J. because he hates being called that. His favorite colors are green and black, the same colors his dad likes. He helps me in Problem Solving class … Continue reading Chapter 8: A Swell Bro Time

Dr. Jacques Laurent: Family Doctor

It’s Saturday. The sun is rising and the birds are chirping. Dr. Jacques Laurent and his family had breakfast and he’s just about to leave for work. First, he gave his wife, Renée, a big kiss. “My precious Hershey kiss. I’m off to work. Make sure Eugenie gets her homework done,” he said. “I’ll make sure she does. Have a great day at work, my … Continue reading Dr. Jacques Laurent: Family Doctor