Chapter 7: The School Bully


AUGHHH!! I’m so angry right now. You won’t believe what happened at school today!

I was heading to class until this girl decided to trip me. I mean what the heck?!

“HAHAHA! You tripped!”, the girl said as she laughed at me.

“Ow! Hey! No fair!”, I said with anger.

“Oh, what are you going to do about it? Go crying home to mommy?”

That really hurt.

Behind the girl, Chandlor saw what happened and immediately came to my rescue.

“HEY, Devon! Leave my buddy alone! Go pick on someone else!”

“Oh, here comes his friend, who is going to save him! Oooo, I’m scared!”

“Devon, if you continue to pick on my buddy, I’ll report you to the principal! Nobody messes with my friends!”

“Ugh, fine, but I’ll be back and the next time you see me, I’ll be more powerful than you punks!”, she said and stormed off.

“Thanks, man. I couldn’t thank you enough!”, I said.

“That’s what friends are for,” Chandlor said.

“Who IS that? She’s pretty, but she is mean!!”

“That’s Devon Crandall. She’s the school bully and is considered one of the meanest people ever!”

“You know her?”

“No I don’t, but I know her twin sister, Haven. She’s much sweeter than Devon.”

“Devon has a twin sister?”

“Yup! They both went to my middle school and man, Devon would steal lunch money from us and sometimes, precious jewelry from the popular girls!”

“Stealing? That’s a crime!”

“Indeed! Devon needs to change or else something terrible is going to happen!”

“I agree. Anywho, we need to get to class. We’ll talk more about this later,” I said and we proceeded to head to class.

I can’t believe I became one of Devon’s bully victims. Is it my red hair? Is she jealous of me? Did I win the bullying lottery? Who the hell knows?

After dinner, I went to discuss this bully matter with my parents. I should never keep it to myself because chances are, the situation could get worse. First, I went to Mom. She said to never ever fight with a bully. Doing so will get me suspended or possibly expelled from school.

“I was once bullied by a girl named Sarah for having red hair. Whenever I see her, she would call me Miss Fiery Ginger Girl. Yes, I’m a redhead, but that doesn’t mean I get angry easily. Despite being bullied by Sarah, I was able to make some friends. Honey, don’t let the bully hurt your chances to make friends.”

“What steps did you take to avoid her?”

“I try taking different routes to my classes. I suggest you do the same. DO NOT and I mean DO NOT hide or skip classes! Also, when there’s a chance, report the bully! Even if the bully threatens you, it’s the right thing to do!”

“Got it!”

“You did the right thing by bringing this matter up, sweetie. Not many people admit to being bullied.”

Next, I went to Dad. Like what Mom said, I should never deal with bully using violence. I need to stand up for myself.

“When I was your age, there’s this one guy who picked on me because I took cooking classes! He said that cooking is for ladies only and he called me a weirdo.”

“What?! What’s wrong with men cooking?”

“There’s nothing wrong with men cooking food! Like your mother said, bullies act mean to others just to get attention!”

“What I’m trying to tell you is that you should stand up for yourself! Don’t let the bully take over you!’

“So, I need to be brave, right?”

“YES! You need to be a man and not fall for the bully’s remarks! Be strong!”

That’s one of the reasons I love my parents. They always give me good advice on how to deal with horrible scenarios like this one. How shocking to learn that Mom and Dad used to be bullied before!

The next time Devon bullies me, I’ll just ignore her. Pray that she won’t plan anything disastrous for me and my friends.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 7: The School Bully

  1. I am a teen with PTSD. My real parents were very abusive. After being adopted at age 13 I attended a new public school. A group of boys were always grabbing me and making sexual advances, this was in the school cameras. I told my parents who reported it to the school, who reported it to the boys parents. All the boys stop except one stopped. I reported it again and again. He was suspended. He came back to school and started making sexual advances. I hit him in the nose with my book, kick him in the private, and continue to punch him in the face until the teachers and some students pull me off him. I was expelled and he was suspended. I regret hurting him that badly, but I still think I had a right to defend myself since he continue to touch me without my permission. Maybe I am wrong.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your incident and that you got expelled for defending yourself against that mean boy. I do agree you had to attack the boy after what he did to you. You had to defend yourself so that he won’t harm you ever again.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with you after all how much damage can a 5’5″ 110 pd girl do to a 6’+ around 180 pd guy. Seriously, I only broke his nose and he had to have 5 stitches. I could have did worse if them teacher had not pulled me off him. 😂 Just kidding. I really feel bad about hurting him, but would it have stop if I had not? Apparently, he had no regards to authority figures.

    Liked by 1 person

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