Chapter 6: Meeting the iEugenie Trio


Last Friday’s web show was amazing! I loved seeing Eugenie and Avalon entertaining us!

Guess what? I got a chance to meet the iEugenie trio and we even hung out after school! Here’s what happened that day.

It all started during Health and Fitness class. While Ms. Banerjee was lecturing about different diets, I saw Eugenie! She’s in my class too?!

After class, I went up and introduced myself to Eugenie.

“Hey, you must be Eugenie Laurent, the host of iEugenie! My name is Gunner!”, I said

“Yes, I am Eugenie, the host of iEugenie! Nice to meet you! Gunner? Nice name!”, she said.

“Thanks! By the way, Trey gave me a shoutout during last Friday’s show!”

“Oh, right! I remember Trey giving you a shoutout! No wonder your name sounded familiar!”

“I wanted to say that your show was amazing! I can’t wait for the next web show!”

“Awwww, that makes me smile! You’re so sweet!”

I spent a good amount of time getting to know Eugenie as a person.

“Look at the time. I guess we must move on to do some workouts.”, Eugenie said as she looked at her phone.

“I guess so. Say, are you free tonight?”, I asked.

“Given that I don’t have much homework to do tonight, so sure! I’ll bring Avalon and Trey along, so that you can meet them! What would you like to do?”

“Let’s head to the Ten Pin Lounge to do some bowling!”

“Bowling? Sure!”

“Awesome! I’ll see you after school?”

“Definitely! Well, let’s get a move on! Exercise activities await!”

After school, I went home to get cleaned up and told my parents that I’ll be at the Ten Pin Lounge bowling with the iEugenie trio.

At 5 PM, I arrived at the bowling lounge and it looked like Eugenie and her friends haven’t arrived yet. I texted her to see where she is and she replied and said that she, Avalon, and Trey will be here soon.

The iEugenie trio has arrived!

“Gunner, meet Trey and Avalon! Trey and Avalon, meet Gunner, one of our fans!”, Eugenie said.

“Yo! Nice to meet you guys!”, I said.

We spent a few minutes getting acquitted. WOW, I can’t believe I’m actually hanging out with the famous iEugenie trio!

“So, you all ready for some bowling?”, I asked.

“Yes we are! Come on! Let’s get bowling!”, Trey said and the four of us went inside the lounge to bowl.

Wow, Ten Pin Lounge is absolutely beautiful!! They have bars, where we can get drinks (non-alcoholic drinks, of course).

Trey volunteered to go first. Go, Trey!

Oops! Trey took a tumble there!


“Are you okay, Trey?!”, Eugenie asked.

“Ugh, I’m fine. These floors are really slippery!”

Trey got up and tried again. Sadly, he was able to hit 3 pins.

“Darn it! I thought I was able to hit more pins!”

“I’m next!”, Eugenie said.

“Go, Eugenie!! You got this!”, Avalon said.

“Ready, set, go!”


“Yeah!! I got a strike!”

“Bravo, Eugenie!!!”, me, Avalon, and Trey said as we clapped our hands.

My turn came and I managed to knock out 9 out of 10 pins.

“Good start, but it would’ve been better if I got a strike!”

Finally, Avalon was up! Like Trey, she fumbled and fell to the ground.

“Ouch. That really hurt.”

“You okay?”, I asked.

“I’m fine. No bruises or anything like that.”

Avalon got up and tried again. She knocked out 6 out of 10 pins, but the worst of this was that she got a split!

“What?! A split?!”

We continued to bowl some more games. She was able to scored a lot of strikes!

..and there’s one round where I accidentally left go of the ball before I got a chance to throw it at the pins. Luckily, it didn’t hit my foot!

During some rounds, we got some gutterballs. Trey’s reaction to getting one was priceless! After getting a gutterball, he cursed! LOL! Trey, watch your language!

At 8 PM, we concluded our bowling game. I scored 90 points. Good start. All that mattered during this game is that we had fun. I wish we can play more, but it’s a school night and we shouldn’t be out past 9 PM for safety reasons.

Before I headed home, I thanked Eugenie, Avalon and Trey for a great time together. There will be opportunities for me to hang out with them again!

Before I went to get ready for bed, I texted Eugenie, thanking her again for a great time.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 6: Meeting the iEugenie Trio

  1. I was laughing at poor Trey and Avalon! 😀

    Good chapter. There’s so much I haven’t done in the sims game… bowling is one of them. This makes me want to take a sim bowling. I can’t wait to get to the Generation in my #BuildNewcrest Challenge where the heir has to build a lounge…. a bowling alley is definitely going in! lol

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Even though Trey and Avalon are great at producing iEugenie, their bowling skills are OK. They need more practice.

      Ooh, you have plans to add a bowling alley into the lounge you plan to build in your #BuildNewcrest Challenge? Great idea! Looking forward to that generation!

      Liked by 1 person

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