Chapter 5: A Web Show for Teens


Man, I’m so pumped for tonight! You wanna know why? At around 8 PM, I’m going to watch the premiere of a teen web show!! Posters regarding the teen web show premiere were around school since the first day of school.

Dinner’s done and we’re having dessert now. Mom’s gone to work, so Dad was in charge of tonight’s dinner and dessert.

“Gunner, you look excited. What’s up?”, Dad asked.

“Tonight, there’s a teen web show premiering!”, I said.

“Really? That’s cool! What time will it start?”

“8 PM.”

“It’s now 7:30 PM. You have time, so please, don’t eat your Fruit and Yogurt Parfait too fast or you’ll have an upset stomach.”

“I know, Dad. I know.”

So the teen web show is called iEugenie and it’s produced by three teens. The host is Eugenie Laurent, the co-host is Avalon Murray, and the technician is Trey Cohen. Guess what I’ve learned? They go to VLH High and they’re freshmen too!!! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to meet them and express how much I love their show!

I’m done with my dessert and I’m all ready to watch iEugenie! Oh boy, I can’t wait to see what the iEugenie trio has planned for tonight! First, I must go on the iEugenie website.

10 minutes until the premiere, Chandlor texted me, asking if I’m going to watch it.

10 minutes later

8 PM arrived! It’s time for iEugenie!

I’m watching the trio introducing themselves and wow, Eugenie is pretty!! She has red hair and teal eyes, just like me! Avalon is so gorgeous and I love her outfit! Trey is good looking and it looks like he has a similar dressing style like me!

They’ll be broadcasting every Friday at 8 PM? That’s a great time for me because that when I usually have my fun time!

They’re on Simbook, Simstagram, SimChat, and Simtter? I have accounts on these platforms. After the show, I’ll be sure to follow them!

Oh, opportunities to be on the show?! I wouldn’t miss an opportunity like that!

Now that they got the basics over, it’s time for Arts and Crafts with Eugenie and Avalon. How fun! They’re going to paint a mural! Cool! After being in Creative Arts class, I’ve become inspired to paint pictures.

I see there’s a chat room. I’ll go there and say hello to the iEugenie trio and tell them that I’m enjoying their show.

OMG, Trey gave me a shoutout! How awesome!

Wowzers, that’s a beautiful mural!! Good job, girls!

I’m so glad to be watching the iEugenie premiere. What a great way to spend my Friday night!

Towards the show ending

“I’m Eugenie.”

“I’m Avalon.”

“See you in the next web show! Bye!”

*Claps* Bravo!! That was a fun show! Thank you, Eugenie and Avalon, for providing me with my late-night entertainment and thank you Trey for giving me a shoutout!

Here are my final thoughts on iEugenie. The show ran for a full hour. Enough time to entertain us.  Not only were Eugenie and Avalon beautiful, but also entertaining. I love that there’s a chat room, so that we can chat with fellow iEugenie fans! Who knows? Maybe one of my friends is in the chat room too! It’s neat that we get shoutouts! That’s a way to get recognized!

I’ll try my best to make it to every show. Like what Avalon said, if I miss any show, then I can always go on the iEugenie website and watch whatever I missed.

I can’t wait for the future iEugenie shows!

Author’s Note

For clarification, here are the Sims Universe equivalent of the real life social media platforms

  • Twitter: Simtter
  • Facebook: Simbook
  • Snapchat: Simchat
  • Instagram: Simstagram

To see the full web show, click here.

iEugenie content can be found here.

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