Garrett and Robby’s Playdate

It’s a nice Friday afternoon and Gunner and Garrett are done with school for the day. Here we find them at the Jacobowitz Family’s house. Garrett was looking forward to his playdate with his friend, Robby, and Gunner was excited that he’ll be hanging out with Chandlor.

Once Gunner and Garrett were inside, Robby rushed towards them, telling Garrett it’s time for their playdate.

“Okay, little bro. You have fun on your playdate with Robby. Chandlor and I will be hanging out together.”

The boys headed up to Robby’s room and Gunner proceeded to hang out with Chandlor.

“Wow! You have a giant teddy bear?”, Garrett said.

“Yup! We’re an outdoor enthusiast family and we love bears! His name is Blarffy. What do you say we play with him?”, Robby said.


The boys went up to Blarffy and talked to him.

“Hi, Blarffy! This is my friend, Garrett! Garrett, this is Blarffy!”, Robby said.

“Nice to meet you!”, Garrett said.

“He said that it’s nice to meet you and that he’s excited to become friends with you!”


Garrett loved the teddy bear so much, he wanted to hug it.

“Big bear hugs for Blarffy!! He’s so cuddly!”, he said.

“Blarffy says he appreciates the cuddly hugs!”, Robby said.

After minutes of playing with Blarffy, Garrett noticed something creepy.

“AHHHHHHHHH!!!”, he said, screaming with shock.

“What’s the matter?”, Robby asked.

“…your…your teddy bear! Blarffy’s eyes!! They changed!!!”

“Oh yeah, the eye changing. At first, I found it creepy because obviously, the stuffed animals’ eyes aren’t supposed to change. At the same time, it’s cute.”

“This is the first time I saw this. I can’t believe something like this exists!”

“It happens so fast, you can’t see it right away.”

“So, when a stuffed animal has their eyes like that, they’re happy?”

“That’s right. If you keep playing with your stuffed animal, they’ll be so happy because they enjoy your company.”

“Can they be sad?”

“Yes they can. If you don’t play with them or be a meanie to them, they can get sad.”

After a fun time with Blarffy, the boys decided to play some make-believe. They pretended to be superheroes fighting evil villains.

“I’m a superhero with the abilities to fly at a super fast speed and to turn invisible!!!”, Garrett said.

“Cool! I’m a superhero with the powers to fix objects and to teleport!”, Robby said.

“Come on! There’s a big villain over there! Let’s fight him!”

Next thing they did on their playdate was play with Robby’s toys. Robby played with his toy robot while Garrett played with the rubber ducky. Garrett was surprised that Robby had a lot of toys in his toy chest.

“Weee!! Bleep the Robot to the rescue!”, Robby said as he played with his toy robot.

“Ow! Oopsie! I accidentally hit myself with the rubber ducky!”, Garrett said.

“Owie! That’s got to hurt! Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

“Good. Just be careful where you swing the toys!”

“Hey, are you into Voidcritters?”, Robby asked.

“Me? Voidcritters? YES! Want to battle?”, Garrett said.

“Sure! Let’s go downstairs and battle!”, Robby said and the boys went downstairs to start battling Voidcritters. Garrett will use his Wisp while Robby will use his Nymphaea.

“Ready, Garrett?”, Robby asked.

“Ready as I can be!”, Garrett said and the two proceeded to battle.

Uh oh, there’s trouble ahead for Garrett. His Wisp got hit!

“AUGH!!! Come on!”, he said angrily.

“Yes!! I got your Wisp!”, Robby said.

Garrett thought hard of what power to use next again Robby’s Nymphaea. It should be able to take out a lot of hit points. After choosing the power, he used it against the tough Nymphaea. To his surprise, it worked!

“Yes!! At last!!”, he said.

“GRRRR!!”, Robby said with disappointment.

After many rounds of using powers, now came the final punch. Garrett’s Wisp was critically low in hit points, enough for Robby to finish it off.

“No!!! Please don’t!”, Garrett said.

“Sorry, Garrett. I have to do this. Here comes the ultimate punching power!”, Robby said and proceeded to finish off Garrett’s Wisp.

The winner of the battle is Robby and his Nymphaea!

“Yes, I win!”, Robby said.

“I thought I had this,” Garrett said.

“Don’t feel sad. At least you had fun, right?”

“I did. I also learned some techniques from you, so when I get home, I’ll train my Voidcritters!”

“That’s the spirit! If you train your Voidcritters, they’ll be able to defeat other Voidcritters easily!”

It was getting late and it was time for Garrett and Gunner to go home. Before it was time to go, the two boys hugged each other. So cute and sweet.

They also took pictures together to celebrate their friendship.

“Hey, little bro! Time to go! Say goodbye to Robby!”, Gunner said.

“Well, I’ll see you around! Thank you for a fun playdate!”, Garrett said.

“I had fun and I know you did! Bye-bye!”, Robby said and Gunner and Garrett headed home.

Garrett had a lot of fun with Robby and can’t wait to have another playdate with him!

12 thoughts on “Garrett and Robby’s Playdate

    1. I’m glad to hear that you loved it! These two are wonderful friends to each other. 🙂

      This series focuses a lot on the teens and their parents and younger siblings (if they have any) don’t get much attention. This is why I came up with this segment called Stories from the Parents and Younger Siblings. These are all done from the narrator’s POV.


    1. I’m so happy that these two are becoming such great friends. Yes, the stuffed animals’ eyes changing is so creepy. I mean IRL, the stuffed animals don’t do that.

      I currently don’t have a favorite voidcritter because I haven’t had the chance to explore all of them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Voidcritters are all so very cute! Although I keep getting the fire-dog one in all the packs I can buy.

        And yes, it’s creepy! but hopefully as long as he’s happy, no bad things will happen with the loyal teddy around

        Liked by 1 person

  1. That was a fun read.
    I never knew that about the stuffed animal bears in the game…. that is creepy for sure!
    I have a feeling these two are going to hang out a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, the stuffed animals’ eyes changing is SO creepy! It took me a while to discover this little thing! Since Gunner and Chandlor are going to hang out a lot, Garrett and Robby will also hang out a lot too!


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