Chapter 4: Chandlor


TGIF! School’s done for the day! I’ve got Creative Arts and Problem Solving HW to do during the weekend. Today, Garrett and I will be heading over to the Jacobowitz Family’s house.

“Gunner, I can’t wait to play with Robby!!”, Garrett said.

“Garrett, I know you’re very excited for your playdate with Robby. I’m excited that I get to hang out with my bro, Chandlor! However, we need to go get cleaned up, have dinner, and then we’ll head over to their house!”, I said and the both of us proceeded to get cleaned up, have dinner, and then head out.

As we headed out the door, we were told to have fun and to not stay out too late.

Upon arrival, we were astonished by the Jacobowitz Family’s house.

“OMG, it’s a good-looking house!”, I said.

We knocked on the door and we were told to come in. Robby rushed towards us.

“Hi, Garrett! Ready for our playdate?”, he said.

“Yes I am! Let’s go have fun!”, Garrett said.

“Okay, little bro. You have fun on your playdate with Robby. Chandlor and I will be hanging out together.”

As the boys headed up to play, I saw Chandlor and we high-fived each other.

“Yo! Gunner! What up, bro?”, he said.

“I’m so glad we’re hanging out!”, I said.


If you’re curious to know how Chandlor and I met, we met in school. It was lunch time and he sat at a table across from me. The first thing I’ve noticed is that he had a scrumptious plate of garlic noodles. I complimented his food and asked him who cooked it for him. Chandlor said that his mom cooked it and she works as a chef! That’s what Mom works as!

After we introduced ourselves and discussed interests, BAM. We became friends instantly. We both love sports, love playing video games, have a younger brother, and both our moms love cooking.

“So, what shall we do first?”, Chandlor asked.

“Why don’t we play some video games?”, I asked.

“Sure! What game?”

“Party Frenzy! I’m a huge fan of it!”

“Excellent choice! I’ll go set up the console and we’ll play!”

Party Frenzy time!! We’ll be playing 10 rounds of fun mini games. After we decided how many rounds we’ll play, we picked our characters and started the game.

I’ve been playing this game for years, so I’m pretty much skilled in all these mini games!

Yes, I WON the first round!

“BOO-YAH, I won this round!”, I said with enthusiasm.

“Darn it. Well, there’s always the next round!”, Chandlor said with disappointment.

We had so much fun playing, we became playful. Since I’m so playful, I’ve decided to entertain Chandlor by showing off my crazy eyes!

Yes! He found it funny!! He’s got a great sense of humor.

“LOL!!! You’re funny, man!”, he said as he laughed.

Oh yeah, don’t forget that bro bump! That’s one of the things bros love to do!

Next, we headed up to Chandlor’s room to chat for a bit.

“Neat room, man! Say, are you a fan of the Windenburg Wolves soccer team??”, I asked because I saw that he had a Windenburg Wolves poster.

“Yes!”, he said.

“So am I! What other sports do you like?”

“Football, baseball, and basketball!”

“You like basketball? Same here, man!”

Later, I decided to tell him about the time I tried one of the world’s grossest foods.

“One summer, my family and I traveled to the Kingdom of Cambodia. We tried out this weird soup!”

“Oh, really? What is it called?”

“White ant eggs soup. It had ant eggs, partial white ant embryos, and a few baby ants for flavor. It was so good because it had a sharp and delicate taste of shrimp!”

“EWWWWW! Gross, man!”

“Since we’re on the topic of food, let me share with you one of the most unique foods I’ve tried!”, Chandlor said.

“Go ahead!”, I said.

“One of my friends is rich and one night, his family treated me out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Guess what I had?”


“Lobster Frittata! It costed 1,000,000 Simoleons!”

“Hold on! 1,000,000 Simoleons?! That’s expensive! What was in it?!”

“Sevruga caviar, six eggs, and lobster with cream and chives!”

“Ah, now I see why your food was expensive! It’s the Sevruga caviar! How was it?”

“Bro, it was delicious! The caviar tasted like salmon! Really added a rich taste to the frittata! Definitely worth the price!”

We’ve been chatting and laughing for a long time, that I forgot to keep track of the time!! It’s now 9:30 PM!!

“Wow, time sure flies! Me and Garrett gotta head home!”, I said.

“I wish we can hang out longer.” Chandlor said.

“Same here, but I don’t want to stay out too late and get in trouble.”

“True. Thanks for hanging with me, bro! I had a blast!”

“Same here! Take care and see you around!”

After saying goodbye to Chandlor, I went downstairs to get Garrett and from there, we headed home.

Like I said earlier, Chandlor and I have so much in common. This is the same with Garrett and Robby. I hope one day, Mom and Dad will meet Chandlor and Robby’s parents. Chandlor told me that his dad loves fishing and he would love to take my dad out for a fishing trip someday. I think Dad would love something like that and while he fishes, he can think up new seafood recipes. His mother, just like my mother, loves fine cuisine. I can imagine both our moms exchanging recipes with each other.

This is definitely a friendship worth cherishing.

Author’s Note

Curious to know what Garrett and Robby did during their playdate? Click here to find out!

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    1. Yes, they do have same interests. In addition, they have a trait in common.

      I developed their friendship when I played in a separate freeplay save, where I develop the characters’ personalities. They get along very well.

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