Chapter 3: Dad’s Restaurant



Sorry for shouting. I’m going through a phase where I LOVE to be LOUD!!! I asked Mom and Dad about that phase and they said that when teens are in the loud phase, they love to scream and shout from the top of their lungs and blast loud music. Believe or not, they actually been through that phase when they were teens! Dad annoyed the heck of his parents by blasting loud music and leaving the TV on with the volume up high. As for Mom, she loved talking and singing loud and it drove her parents nuts!!

I’m worried that I’ll be stuck in this phase forever because I’m not a bad kid and I hate screaming and yelling for no reason. I’m an angelic kid. Mom and Dad assured that I won’t be stuck in the phase forever and that i’ll last for up to 3 days. Here how I’ll deal with it: I’ll control my volume as much as I can and if I have to shout and scream, then I’ll do it in a pillow.

Anywho, remember earlier I mentioned that construction of Dad’s restaurant is done? Well, today, he’s going to take all of us with him to show the restaurant and then have the grand opening.

So, here we are at Europa Delights!

We went inside and we were astonished! It’s so beautiful inside! Once inside, Dad gave us a brief tour of the restaurant.

Dad wanted to know what we thought about the restaurant and we gave some great feedback. We loved that it’s wonderfully decorated and the tables have silk tablecloths. It’s great that there’s rooftop dining, but what if it rains? No worries. Dad said should this happen, he’ll set up a canopy.

It’s almost time for grand opening! Mom would love to stay and help, but she has to help Garrett out with his school project, so the two of them headed home.

“Son, do you any plans for today?”

“No, why?”

“Since you don’t have plans, why don’t you stay and help me out here? You can learn a few things about running an efficient restaurant.”

“YES, I WOULD CERTAINLY LOVE TO!!!!!! Sorry about that. It’s just that I’m so excited that today, our restaurant will be going into business!”

“The loud phase has got you there, huh?”

“Lol, yeah.”

We officially opened for business at around noon, just in time for LUNCH!!!

“Our lovely staff should be here soon,” Dad said.

Dad conducted interviews for the chef, server, and host positions about a month before we moved. It was a tiring process, but it was worth it. We can hire 3 servers, 2 chefs, and 1 host, but since it’s a new restaurant, we’re restricted to hire only one chef and one server, along with host. That kinda sucks. Once we get enough perk points, we can open more chef and server positions.

This is our first server and wow, she’s pretty! Her name is Amber Collins and she’s currently studying mass communications at Sim State University. When we interviewed her, she said that she can brighten everyone’s mood with her charisma.

This is our hostess, Vanessa Savard. She just finished high school and was about to start college. Her previous experience included being a casher at a movie theater and a sales associate at a department store.

Finally, meet Chef Arthur Sévigny, who will be our chef! Dad was so thrilled to learn that he’s been trained well in European cuisine and his mixology skills are top notch. In addition, he’s worked at a lot of five-star restaurants!

Our first customers have arrived and our hostess have seated them. Dad went up to them and welcomed them.

“Gunner, if you want to run an efficient restaurant, it must have welcoming vibes! After the customers are seated, you must welcome them to the restaurant and assure them that they get the service and food they deserve!”

Moments later, I heard that same table complaining about their food. So, with quick thinking, I went up to the table and asked them what’s wrong. The lady in the demin jacket told me her steak was overcooked and the lady in the red leather jacket said that her pasta was dry.

I went up to Chef Arthur and told him that one of the tables is complaining that their food is bad. Chef Arthur sheepishly apologized because when he cooked their food, he was a bit sleepy. He promised that it’ll never happen again.

After speaking with Chef Arthur, I told Dad about what happened and what I should do about it. He said that for bad quality meals, you can comp their food, meaning make their meal free of charge. So I did just that.

Another table has received their food and the party there reported that the food is amazing! There’s the true talent of Chef Arthur!

I’ve noticed that Vanessa didn’t welcome several parties in a kind manner. I went up to her and asked if everything is okay. She said that it’s her first hostess job and she’s a bit nervous, putting her in a bit of a bad mood. I recommended that she go for some training and she agreed to. Next time we see her, she should be in good shape.

Is that a 5 star rating?! Sweet!! Chef Arthur’s tasty cuisine is making everyone’s taste buds happy!

“DAD!”, I said.

“What is it, son?”, Dad asked.

“So far, this is going so well! Everyone loves the food!”

“I can tell by the smiles and positive comments.”

“As I was observing, it looks like we need to improve service.”

“I agree with you. I’ve noticed how our hostess greeted some parties in a rude fashion. Good thing you stepped up and recommended that she go for some training.”

After the last party left, we closed for the day. Here are the stats. We made some profits and so far, the staff are at neutral satisfaction. We’re a two-star restaurant. Good start, good start.

As I was cleaning up the restaurant, I saw Dad in bliss! Despite that not many people came, it was a successful grand opening. If we want more people to come, then our restaurant’s star rating needed to go up.

Author’s Note

The Sims used for the staff at Europa Delights were created by KassSimsDesign. Please go check out her gallery! Maybe there are Sims there you can use for your stories!

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 3: Dad’s Restaurant

    1. Lol, yes he is!

      While I was screenshotting for this chapter, he randomly entered the loud phase, which at first drove me insane. I was like, “Don’t enter the phase! I’m try to screenshot a chapter!” Then I began to realize that these Parenthood phases do add a lot of realism.

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Your take on the loud phase almost makes it bearable. I loathe that phase because my usually mild-mannered sims will suddenly start shouting forbidden words constantly! I love the restaurant especially the rooftop dining. That should be great for screenshots.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, I have to agree. Besides the loud phase, I also hate the mean streak and rebellious phases. For the mean streak one, my good mannered Sims would autonomously start doing mean interactions, causing friendships to be destroyed. For the rebellious one, same with the mean streak, but with procrastination and disobeying parents. I like the Parenthood pack, but I wish the phases can be toned down a bit.

      Glad you loved the restaurant. I thought about the rooftop dining and it would be great for romantic dates. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I wish there was a way to opt out of the phases entirely. The only one I like is the child bear phase and even that lasts too long. The first time I had a teen get the mean phase he got into full-out fights like 5 times with family members and even strangers! I was like what the?

        Liked by 2 people

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