Chapter 2: First Day of School


It’s the first day of school and it started off with Garrett screaming for help at around 6:45 AM, 15 minutes before my alarm rang.

“HELP!! There’s a monster under my bed!!!”

I wouldn’t want Garrett to disturb our parents since they need their beauty rest. So, I took the liberty to wake up and spray the monster.

“Garrett!! Don’t wake Mom and Dad up! I’m coming!”, I said and rushed to his room.

“Please get rid of this monster!! It’s scaring me!”, Garrett said as he panicked.

“Don’t worry. Big bro is here to spray the monster away!”

I got out the Magic Monster Scaring Formula Spray and sprayed at the monster.

After several sprays, the monster was gone!

“Gee, thanks, Gunner! That monster was giving me the creeps!”, he said and gave me a hug.

After all that monster drama, he and I went to grab breakfast, get dressed, and head to school.

Here I am at Veronica L. Hopkins High. It’s much bigger than Pleasantview High! As I looked around, some people seemed to be bored. You know why? It’s because their school spirit is so low! Well, time to head to class.

According to my schedule, it’s Health and Fitness class today! Got to learn all the benefits of excerise and how to eat healthy. This is my Health and Fitness teacher, Ms. Banerjee. I can tell she’s really passionate about her subject because she’s going so into detail!

Today’s topic was about exercising and how to have fun exercising while paying attention to safety.

After the long lecture, I went to the basketball court, where I saw my classmates shooting baskets. Basketball is one of my favorite sports! Did you know during middle school, I was part of my school’s basketball team? We even made it to the nationwide championships! How awesome was that?

An hour later, I decided to take a break and meet one of my classmates.

“Hey, what’s up? Enjoying yourself?”, he said.

“Yeah, man. Basketball is my favorite sport. My name’s Gunner. What’s yours?”, I said.

“Basketball is my favorite sport too! I’m Josh! Nice to meet ya, Gunner!”, he said.

Josh told me a bit about himself. I learned that he loves pulling pranks and making people laugh. So the next time I see him, I expect to get a boop on my nose? Monkey around with him? Who knows? When I asked if he has any siblings, I was shocked to learn that he has two sisters and a brother. So, he and his siblings also attend this school.

“Gee, with that many siblings, how heavy is the family drama?”, I asked.

“Oh, the family drama? It is extremely heavy,” he said, sighing.

“How so?”

“My brother, Nick, tends to be the one who causes most of the drama. You see, he’s a party animal, which means he’s invited to a lot of parties and most of the time, he broke a lot of curfews, causing Mother and Father to yell at him from the top of their lungs. You see, my parents tend to worry about us a lot and they would get scared if we’re in danger.”

“That’s what parents are supposed to do. It’s their job to worry about us teens, not the other way around.”

After we finished talking, we went back to shooting more baskets. Man, we teens are really into basketball. Just look a how many teens are there shooting baskets.

Man, I worked up a sweat shooting baskets, so I headed to the showers.

Then, I went on one of the school computers and studied dancing online. Studying skills online is something I’ve never done before in elementary and middle school. How cool!

I studied for an hour and then I headed to the gym room to meditate. I know, it’s been a long day, and I needed to get the stress out of my body.

At 3 PM, school is over. Freedom at last! So far, I’m liking this school. Great staff, great students, and great food. I hope my friends back at Pleasantview are enjoying their time at Pleasantview High!

Looks like this school year is off to a good start! I look forward to all the fun and craziness!

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 2: First Day of School

    1. Glad you saw Haven and Devon! I’ve put all of the Sims that have been submitted for the casting call and I’ll try my best to have them play some role in Gunner’s life. Thank you very much for reading! 🙂

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      1. Is it still working well after this last big update? I’ve heard about it from the Sims 4 Facebook groups, but I’ve only started using mods along with CC. The last update made me have to start over, though! I could not play my game due to broken CC and mods.

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