Chapter 1: Welcome to Newcrest


Yo! What’s up, peeps? My name is Gunner Schneider and today, my family and I moved into Newcrest. We moved from Pleasantview, where we lived since the day I was born. We’re a foodie-oriented family and we love all things food. Once I finish high school, I plan to go to cooking school. My dream job is to become a celebrity chef and have my own cooking show! Now, let me introduce you to my wonderful family.

Meet my beautiful and magnificent mother! She’s a chef at a 5 star fancy restaurant and a lot of customers enjoy the dishes she cooks. She also loves cooking lots of tasty dishes for the family!

That’s my father. Like Mom, he’s an awesome chef in the house! Not only that, he’s also a restauranteur. The restaurant he plans to open will serve lots of gourmet dishes such as Rack of Lamb, Butternut Gnoochi, and Pasta Primavera. It’ll be named Europa Delights because European dishes will be served there.

Finally, this is Garrett, my little bro. He’s always brightening our days! I love him to bits! His favorite toy is his green stuffed dragon named Drago. Cool name, huh? Whenever I go to his room to check up on him, he would be playing with it or giving it tickles. He also loves collecting Voidcritters.

Okay, the reason we moved from Pleasantview to Newcrest is because life there recently got boring. We wanted to live somewhere that has vibrant life and Newcrest had what we wanted. In addition, Dad’s restaurant been constructed and it’s time to get it ready for grand opening. It’s located next door to our home, so Dad doesn’t have to do much traveling to get there.

After we moved in all our belongings and got settled in, Dad made us a quick snack of tasty fruit salad, which has strawberries, grapes, pineapples, watermelons, and apples! We already had our lunch on our airplane flight. Depending on what airline you take, airplane food can be good or bad. In regards of our airplane food, it was so-so.

“Boys, first day of school is tomorrow. Are you both excited?”, Dad asked.

Since I’m transitioning from middle school to high school and going to a different school than my friends back at home, I’m excited and nervous at the same time. New school means new people. “Yeah, I suppose.”

Garrett is optimistic about his new school. “I sure am! I can’t wait to make new friends!”

“Boys, we understand that you’ll miss your friends back at home. Look on the bright side, you’ll meet some new people that you’ll enjoy interacting with!”

At around 2 PM, I took Garrett to the park. Before we left, Mom and Dad told us to be back before dinner time, which is at around 7 PM.

Let’s talk about the park we went to. Man, it was HUGE. It was called 4 Island Park. One island has a playground, the second one had a barbecue area, the third one has chess tables, and the fourth one has a fountain. Definitely a great park to go to to unwind!

Before we went inside the park, I saw a fellow teen in a blue long sleeved shirt, jeans, and blue sneakers. I went up and introduced myself and Garrett. He said his name is Ricky and he mentioned that he has a twin brother named Warren and they both love writing. Their father is a businessman and their mother is a chef, just like my mom! I asked him what school he goes to and he said he will attend Veronica L. Hopkins High, which is the same school I’ll be attending. He’s also a freshman like me! Hope to see him around.

After we chatted with Ricky, I took Garrett to the playground area, where there were monkey bars and a pirate ship jungle gym! He went ahead and played on the jungle gym. When I was his age, me and my buddies loved playing on the jungle gym. It’s a great way to make friends and have fun. I sat down at the bench and watched him play.

Wow, there are lots of children playing around here!

30 minutes later, Garrett called me. “Come on, big bro! Play with us! You can play as the sea monster!”

You know that moment where you want to relive your childhood? Well, I’m having that moment now. Off I go to play as the sea monster!

Look at me making the signature “Sea Monster” face! ROAR!! BLAGH!!!!

At 6:30 PM, it was getting a bit dark and it was time that Garrett and I headed home. However, I’ve seen lots of paint stains on the floor. Earlier, I saw several girls making messes on the ground. That’s naughty behavior and I knew Garrett won’t do such a thing. If he were to do that, Mom would say to him, “You can be creative on paper, but NOT on the floor!” Anywho, with Sims Logic, I summoned a mop and cleaned up the stains on the ground.

After arriving home, I smelled something savory! Dad must’ve finished preparing dinner.

“Boys, you’re back just in time for dinner! “, Dad said.

“What are we having, Dad?”, I asked.

“Baked Macaroni and Cheese! I used smoked gouda cheese and bacon in this one!”

After seeing the table all set up, me and Garrett joined Mom and Dad at the table and dug in our food. Delicious as always! I love gouda cheese because of the smoky meat flavor it gives off.

Dad asked about our day at the park and I told him that we both had a great day. Garrett played on the jungle gym and I played as the sea monster. While he played, he made some new friends and their names were Danielle, Natalie, and Robby. They’ll be going to the same elementary school he’ll be attending.

After I helped clean up the table and dishes, I went up to my room to get ready for tomorrow.

I hope my first day of school goes well.

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Welcome to Newcrest

    1. Hey CT! Glad you loved it! I’ve been inspired by teen sitcoms and novels to come up with this series. Also, I’m trying the text first then picture format since some of the SimLit I’ve read uses that format. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. So far, so good. Garrett made some friends and Gunner meet a possible friend. Gunner seems nice, he is not like most teens who don’t want to play with their baby brother. He seems proud of his family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey there! Thank you so much for checking out my story! Gunner’s definitely proud of his family! Sometimes, it’s one of the duties of the older sibling to take care of their younger siblings.


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