Chapter 7: The School Bully

–Gunner– AUGHHH!! I’m so angry right now. You won’t believe what happened at school today! I was heading to class until this girl decided to trip me. I mean what the heck?! “HAHAHA! You tripped!”, the girl said as she laughed at me. “Ow! Hey! No fair!”, I said with anger. “Oh, what are you going to do about it? Go crying home to mommy?” … Continue reading Chapter 7: The School Bully

Chapter 6: Meeting the iEugenie Trio

–Gunner– Last Friday’s web show was amazing! I loved seeing Eugenie and Avalon entertaining us! Guess what? I got a chance to meet the iEugenie trio and we even hung out after school! Here’s what happened that day. It all started during Health and Fitness class. While Ms. Banerjee was lecturing about different diets, I saw Eugenie! She’s in my class too?! After class, I … Continue reading Chapter 6: Meeting the iEugenie Trio

Web Show #1: First Web Show

Eugenie: Hello, world! Welcome to the premiere of our web show, iEugenie! I’m your host, Eugenie! To my right is one of my best friends and co-host, Avalon! Avalon: Hello, everyone! Hope you’re excited as we are!! Eugenie: To my left is also one of my best friends and the technician of the show! Give it up for Trey! Trey: Yo! What’s up! Eugenie: Since … Continue reading Web Show #1: First Web Show

Chapter 5: A Web Show for Teens

–Gunner– Man, I’m so pumped for tonight! You wanna know why? At around 8 PM, I’m going to watch the premiere of a teen web show!! Posters regarding the teen web show premiere were around school since the first day of school. Dinner’s done and we’re having dessert now. Mom’s gone to work, so Dad was in charge of tonight’s dinner and dessert. “Gunner, you … Continue reading Chapter 5: A Web Show for Teens

Garrett and Robby’s Playdate

It’s a nice Friday afternoon and Gunner and Garrett are done with school for the day. Here we find them at the Jacobowitz Family’s house. Garrett was looking forward to his playdate with his friend, Robby, and Gunner was excited that he’ll be hanging out with Chandlor. Once Gunner and Garrett were inside, Robby rushed towards them, telling Garrett it’s time for their playdate. “Okay, … Continue reading Garrett and Robby’s Playdate

Chapter 4: Chandlor

–Gunner– TGIF! School’s done for the day! I’ve got Creative Arts and Problem Solving HW to do during the weekend. Today, Garrett and I will be heading over to the Jacobowitz Family’s house. “Gunner, I can’t wait to play with Robby!!”, Garrett said. “Garrett, I know you’re very excited for your playdate with Robby. I’m excited that I get to hang out with my bro, … Continue reading Chapter 4: Chandlor

Chapter 3: Dad’s Restaurant

–Gunner– IT’S SATURDAY!!!! YAY FOR SATURDAYS!!! WOOOHOOO!!!! YEAHHHH!!!! Sorry for shouting. I’m going through a phase where I LOVE to be LOUD!!! I asked Mom and Dad about that phase and they said that when teens are in the loud phase, they love to scream and shout from the top of their lungs and blast loud music. Believe or not, they actually been through that … Continue reading Chapter 3: Dad’s Restaurant

Chapter 2: First Day of School

–Gunner– It’s the first day of school and it started off with Garrett screaming for help at around 6:45 AM, 15 minutes before my alarm rang. “HELP!! There’s a monster under my bed!!!” I wouldn’t want Garrett to disturb our parents since they need their beauty rest. So, I took the liberty to wake up and spray the monster. “Garrett!! Don’t wake Mom and Dad … Continue reading Chapter 2: First Day of School

Chapter 1: Welcome to Newcrest

–Gunner– Yo! What’s up, peeps? My name is Gunner Schneider and today, my family and I moved into Newcrest. We moved from Pleasantview, where we lived since the day I was born. We’re a foodie-oriented family and we love all things food. Once I finish high school, I plan to go to cooking school. My dream job is to become a celebrity chef and have … Continue reading Chapter 1: Welcome to Newcrest